Equipment Room Heat Buildup

Regulating temperature in a small room where compressors are housed. February 8, 2008

Our air compressor is really loud, so several years ago we put it into a room by itself. The room does not have any vents, but it is also not particularly insulated either. During the summer this room gets really warm. I haven't noticed any ill effects to the compressor as a result of this heat, but then I wouldn't know what to look for anyway. It's been this way for several years, so I don't have any plans to change this.

I would like to move the air drier for my widebelt sander, and the vacuum pump for my veneer bag into this room. They aren't as loud as the compressor but the hum coming from them is annoying nonetheless. Should I be concerned about venting the heat from this room? Will the drier or vacuum pump be adversely affected by being in a very warm room?

These are not big machines. The compressor is a 5hp two stage and the air drier is (I think) rated at 5HP. The vacuum pump is a small one from Veneer Systems, the kind you drive a polyurethane bag with.

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From contributor S:
Our compressor room is isolated in an enclosed loading dock. There is a thermal switch hooked up to exhaust fan to outside. At ceiling we ran a loop of 6" duct to ceiling in main shop. So in winter, heated air from shop is drawn in when compressors call for air and keeps the room warm enough. During the summer when it gets too hot thermal switch flips and fan kicks on drawing in cooled shop air. Never had a problem.

I have zero facts, but logic would say that warm air on a cold day keeps the oil viscous and compressor can start up with little resistance. The same theory would say that by keeping the room cooler in summer, you are keeping oil thicker and therefore extending life of wearing parts. I would think if compressor was running full bore on a very hot day, you could risk oil breakdown and motor lockup. It certainly is shortening the lifespan.