Forklift Loading Tip

How to load long stacks of boards into a narrow truck from the back, using a forklift. July 30, 2007

Is it okay to temporarily tight stack hardwood lumber that is at 12-15% MC (for transport), then restick it a couple weeks later? Can't forklift 10' lengths into a box trailer, and no flat bed available.

Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
Yes... 12-15% is considered air dry and you should be able to store it dead stacked, as it won't dry any more than that anyway. If it were higher moisture content, it depends. The colder it is, the longer you can dead stack it.

From contributor D:
I've loaded long lengths into enclosed trailers with a forklift, placing one end of the stack on the bed of the trailer opening, placing a stand at the other end and backing out the lift. Then I go to the end of the stack supported by the stand, lift the load, remove the stand, and drive the load forward into the trailer. Placing a pallet or two on the forks, you can then push the load further into the trailer. Take care when the load is balanced on trailer and stand, as this could be tippy. I didn't think this one up, but see it used throughout the forklift-driving world.