Gore Lock Fittings


From original questioner:

I'm debating between using a quick-clamp type system (Nordfab, K&B) and spiral form my local manufacturer. I would prefer the quick-clamp, but just can't get over how a few pieces of pipe and fittings could cost more than the machines they're hooked up to!

Are gore locked fittings air-tight or do they have to be sealed?

From contributor He

We use the gore lock from our local supplier, Seems to work fine and not that expensive at all.

From contributor ca

Didn't price our recent shipment, but just put it up for our new bander, man it was fast.

We worked from a 10" to 4" pick up over 16 feet and 6 dust chutes. I was shocked in its rigidity as I have it suspended with all thread and chain

From contributor Je


Did you use a quickclamp system or spiral components from your local hvac supply house?

From contributor ca

We used an adapter supplied from the dust metal supplier to hook into locally supplied spiral. We have so many change outs that we needed to just use the local guys or we would just wait on freight

From contributor JR

I bought an auction lot of Nordfab when I set my current shop up, and bought a some fittings from the local rep, who helped design the main trunks using my used inventory. For the first few years, we changed it up frequently enough that the quick lock system paid off fast. If you buy used, then ends may be dented slightly and the rubber gaskets in the clamps may be worn. A wrap of masking tape is what we use to seal these.

From contributor La

We have some Nordfab but mostly spiral in our shop. The Nordfab is nice but expensive, especially the shipping costs. Working with the spiral isn't all that hard and is available locally through a big heating & A/C company. I've got a cheap Chinese sheet metal machine that allows me to make odd pieces as required.