How Long Will it Take to Get a Dust Collection System Installed?

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I know companies will vary, but what would be a realistic timeline for a new dust collection unit from initial CAD layout to machinery hooked up and running? This is having someone else set up entire system to all machines. Turnkey setup.

Equipment list: Straight line rip, jointer/planer, 5-6 head moulder, 2 W&H moulders, 2 radial arms, 2 bandsaws, jointer, lathe, 2 pocket screw machines, dowelling machine, 2 panel saws, 3 table saws, edgebander, boring machine, 6 shapers, timesaver and I'm sure 1 or 2 things I am forgetting right now. This would be in approximately 6,000-8,000 sq ft of an 8,000-14,000 sq ft shop.

I am asking because we will be moving shortly and I need to know how soon I need to get new space before I move out of existing. I want absolute minimal downtime. 30 day lap time? 60? 90? As it stands, my closing is set for September 1. I want the new space by July 15 and want to be fully operational by September 15 with two weeks downtime only. The downtime on my last move almost bankrupted us.

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From Curt Corum, forum technical advisor:
For a turnkey system, you will first have to bring in a mechanical contractor versed in installation of 2 stage dust collection systems. Once he has all of his information, he will take about a week to get back to you. Typically, they will have a dust collection company they already work with such as Dustvent, Sternvent, Torit, Murphy, etc. Once the dust collection company has the data from mechanical contractor, they will quote him the correct horse power unit, after filter, etc. He will then have to contact his electrician for his price. Then you should have your proposal within a week. Once you give him the go ahead, equipment delivery will be about 4 to 6 weeks. The installation should take 3 men about 7 working days to erect equipment, install duct work, etc. While waiting for equipment, a concrete pad may have to be poured and permits may be required. If you need permits, make sure you bring all info to the town - drawings, equipment info, etc. Prior to equipment delivery, the mechanical contractor may be able to run most of the duct work if you can provide marks on the floor where machinery hoods will be located, duct elevation, and where collector will be located. Then, when equipment arrives, he will set it up and when machinery is moved over, it will just need drop ducts installed. This is feasible if you locate a reliable contractor. I would definitely get a couple of references from the contractor.