Manufacturing Sawdust

Basic information about grinding wood. October 20, 2013

I want to make sawdust from scrap wood, as there's a demand for sawdust around here. Can anybody point me to a company manufacturing machines to make sawdust? Or... don't they exist at all? All I come up with when Googling is a machine made in China which in fact is just a chipper, and then I'd have to grind the material. As I'm after some real sawdust, like the byproduct from any ordinary circular saw, such a unit is not the most convenient.

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From contributor D:
A grinder can be used with a tub grinder next to make the type sawdust you are looking for. The tub grinder will take the shredded wood and grind it further. Tub grinders have different screens depending upon how fine a product you wish.

The other option is a shaving mill that turns hard and softwoods into shavings, similar to what comes out of a planer or molder. This product is desirable for fine animal bedding. A look at Ex-Factory can give you an idea of used pricing and scope of products.

From contributor C:
Tub grinders generally will not be able to grind wood down to the size of sawdust unless the material is very dry, but are used in reducing the size of limbs, stumps, scrap wood, etc. Typically the smallest screens you come across are about 1/4", but those often take multiple grinds to achieve such small material.