Pallet Equipment

Basic info on pallet-making machinery. November 12, 2008

Reprinted with permission from MLS Machinery, Inc.

Pallet equipment is used to make pallets. A large amount of the equipment used has been covered under previous sections or sections to be discussed, such as straight line rip saws, multiple rip saws, band re saws, etc. There are machines that are specific to the pallet industry. These machines will lay up the pallet on a special table while multiple heavy duty staplers or nailers staple what are called stringers onto pre-manufactured parts to create this pallet.
Some of these machines are fully automated large pieces of equipment that are hopper fed and will automatically lay up and space the stringers on the support parts of the skid and nail them at the same time.

Notchers - A notcher cuts out the notches where the forks of a forklift truck will go when it picks up the pallet. These machines come in single and double machines. The double making 2 notches at the same time, each pallet will require 2 notches for the 2 forks.

Automatic Nailing Machines - could be used in the following industries: pallet and packaging.

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