Patching Holes in Dust Collector Bags

Tips for patching holes in the cloth bag of a dust collector. April 18, 2015

We have a fairly new 25 HP dust collector that has a couple holes in one of its four bags. One I would describe as a pinhole; the other a little larger, but not completely through the heavy fabric. They spit out a lot of dust. Replacement bags are expensive! Are these repairable?

Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
I haven't done this, but I'd probably just clean the fabric around the damaged area (blow it out with an air hose) and glue a piece of canvas over the hole, preferably on the inside. Hard to imagine that a bit of epoxy spread on both bag and patch, clamped with a weight of some sort, wouldn't do the trick.

From contributor M:
For years I have repaired holes in dust bags for smaller tools by applying a healthy coating of yellow wood glue around the hole or worn area. On small tears I have overlapped the fabric and put a small clamp on the repair until the glue set. It seems like it would work on the dust collector bag. Better yet you can buy fabric repair glue from the fabric department of any store that sells it. I have some in the shop, but haven't tried it on my dust bags as the wood glue has been holding for several years now.

From contributor U:
Try Shoe Goo or similar urethane goop.

From Contributor M:
I've used denim iron on patches (the kind you use on jeans) on DC bags, bags for belt sanders, and etc. They work great and are a fast easy fix. Get the big ones and then cut them to size.