Router Table Dust Collection

Collect dust from the fence, or from the box below the table? Or why not both? November 26, 2006

I've built a new router table. I can connect my shop vac either to the fence or to the box below the table. I was wondering which you think best. My first thought was the box to draw more air past the router to cool it, but most I've seen have it connected to the fence.

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From contributor K:
I would run one to the box and one to the fence. I have a 1hp Delta running to my fence and when I run panels, a lot of the heavier dust goes into the cabinet. What I'm going to do is run a 4" hose and go into box about at the router height, and then run a 2" hose to the fence going back into the 4" hose. I don't think it will be enough to catch it all with only a 1hp, so when I get some money, I will upgrade to the next level. Good luck and remember, you can never have a big enough dust collector system.

From the original questioner:
Unfortunately, it's a shop vac, not a dust collector. I don't think there's enough juice for 2 intakes.

From contributor F:
Mine is hooked up to the fence. I get a little fine dust that settles in the box, but it's no big deal. The router has been there for six years now with no ill effects.

From contributor J:
I have a 4" port to the "router box" under the table. I drilled a 2" hole in the top that connects to the box. My shop-made fence has a box on the back that is open on the bottom. The fence box is sized so that it covers the hole at a range of fence positions. So the single port draws from both the fence and the router enclosure. No dust, even when climb cutting small round-overs.