Shop Lighting


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I've decided to swap all the lighting in my shop, wanted to see what has been good for others. Because so many retail,maufacturing, and warehouse spaces are swapping out to T8 fixtures and getting grants or rebates for doing so the market is flooded with cheap used high bay sodium, metal halide, and older florecent fixtures. I have varying ceiling hieghts and fixtures throughout. Anyone have such a shop and done any lighting upgrades lately? My biggest expense and concern will be the finish room where currently are enclosed incandecent (some CFLs) on 10' ceilings. Thanks for any comments

From contributor th

We have T8 6 foot fluorescent tubes everywhere in our factory/shop and spray booth. Our spray booth room is about 3m high. I can't imagine that CFLs would be anywhere near as good. We used white reflectors but am contemplating taking them off as we have a white ceiling anyway. The only place we use CFLs is in our toilets.