Switches for Dust Collection Systems

Shop owners discuss their solutions for remotely controlling a 220-volt dust collection system. October 20, 2013

I have a couple of iVac Pro Modules that run 110 volt shop vacs and they work great. They are tied to router tables, chop saws, and etc. I would like to bump up the dust collector size to a 220 volt system. I just discovered that the manufacturer makes a switch for heavier wiring. When I search out the re-sellers for the 220 volt system nobody seems to have inventory. Either this is the neatest thing since sliced bread and they can't keep them in stock or else there are too many warranty issues to resolve and they no longer carry them. Does anybody have any experience with the 220 volt version and/or does anybody know where to buy these?

Forum Responses
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From Contributor B:
You could get the best info from an electrician. I have a 3ph 5 hp collector. There is a main switch that actually turns the collector on. Throughout the shop are door bell-type push button switches that tell the main switch to come on. They are not automatic but they can be put everyway at low cost and with low voltage wire.

From Contributor C:
I have a 5hp single phase collector. I put a main disconnect in and added a relay (load side 220v control side 110v) and then bought a remote controlled outlet to control the collector. The control unit plugs into a 110v outlet and when you activate the remote it will close the contacts on the 220v side starting the collector. I clip the remote on my pocket and I can turn the collector on and off from anywhere in the shop.

From Contributor P:
I'm running the iVac 220V system on my dust collector with the handheld wireless remote control and it works great. Because of the size of the current draw with my dust collector iVac told me I had to also use their industrial contactor switch/box as the yellow box would not be heavy enough alone, so the yellow box is wired such that it controls the contactor switch.