Using a Grapple on a Log Trailer

A grapple-equipped log trailer can be handy to have. August 30, 2007

Been looking at getting a trailer with a grapple to move logs. Visited with a tree service that had a small Majaco (sp?) on a dump trailer. Anyone have one? Does the weight restriction not make it worthwhile? I think the Majaco M150 (?) can lift 1500lbs close to the trailer - that's half a sawlog...

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From contributor T:
They're only designed to do just what they're pictured doing. Just because the grapple may open to three or four feet does not mean you can pick up a log that big unless it's really short.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for the response. One that I have a picture of can be tagged to come in under 10,000. At least that's what I heard. (Question is, can an F350 pull it loaded?) Interested in hearing from people with mills that have one as well.

There are plenty of independent log haulers in my area. I'm not looking to compete with them and will still hire them for moving logs. I can see using it to haul off my slab piles, organize the mill area, and bring home the under 4 log loads locally. But if it's a dog or pain in the arse, I'll stick with a skid steer and mason dump. Always just one more big tool away from being efficient.

From contributor B:
What I forgot to mention in my answer to you on another forum was that it is indeed useful for dealing with slab wood. I back it up to the sawing area and just chuck slabs on. When full, I can grab a grapple full and hold it over the back of the dump truck and cut to length for the wood stove.

My F350 is a flatbed dually with the 7.3L diesel and it handles a loaded trailer fine. I loan it out to a friend with an F350 with a gas engine and he seems to do alright with it too.

From the original questioner:
Thanks, contributor B. I sort of envisioned doing what you typed - load F350 dump as well as the trailer. The sawlog handling size (restriction) is the hurdle. I'm just a one man operation and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Wife can run the mill with Accuset when I need a hand. It'll take time to justify a new Blue Ox financially.

From contributor M:
I have used a large gooseneck trailer to haul logs and lumber with a one ton dually pickup. We have it insured for 16,000 Kg CGVW, but I find that anything over about 14,000 Kg (30,000lbs) is very stressful hauling. The trailer is a little heavy, so a 7000 kg payload is what we haul.