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Disruptive Economies


AirBNB is having a big impact on the local housing markets. Companies like this one are making long term housing so precious that building codes are being changed to allow construction of new units without any provision for parking. Pretty soon FamilyMan will have no place to park his cows because AirBNB will have leased out his barn to tourists in the Okanogan.

So now the hotels are starting to notice and they are creating their own link to residential rentals. They have the ability to offer everything that AirBNB does except they also have the extra option of being able to offer hotels with restaurants etc. The battle will come down between Wall Street Investors (who buy up all the residential listings) Hilton-Marriott Hotel Services.

City Government will get into the business of UBER. All you have to own is an algorithm in order to set up i-phone based transportation scheduling, particularly when you will have self-driving cars and won't have to manage whiny ass millennials. The City governments have a natural resource advantage in that they own the downtown city streets. The bottleneck in the self-driving car congo line will be congestion on the downtown streets as the UBER concept only has self-driving cars. Until they have self-loading and self-ejecting customer there will always be an opportunity to rent the loading zone for $1 per pick up or drop off.

Ayn Rand would, of course, say that the government can't do anything right. They are, however, very good at taxing things.
They could use this talent to create quite a good business model for themselves.

UBER will complain, of course, but this is when Ayn Rand steps in to explain that life isn't fair.

7/25/17       #2: Disruptive Economies ...
Alan F. Member

Could be worse, the government could decide to house the homeless in the empty bedroom vacated by your kid that moved away to college :=)

7/25/17       #3: Disruptive Economies ...

As long as we are talking about poor (ous?) solutions we could recycle all those privately owned UBER vehicles.

They could be used as part of Trump's campaign to make America great again.

The apprenticeship programs could teach millennials to weld these cars into hotels that double as walls to keep miscreants out of our country.

The hotels could be managed by AirBNB.
The now redundant drivers that used to cover their mortgage by schlepping tourists around town might object but they are poor and don't matter anyway.

We get a wall, an apprenticeship program, Wall Street gets another investment vehicle and more housing is created for those people put out on the street when they no longer have health insurance (sung to the tune of Goldman Sachs TV commercial about what wonderful things they do to us.)

7/26/17       #4: Disruptive Economies ...
David R Sochar Member

Bring back Drop City!!

Or Soleri's Arcosanti!

The hippies had it right all along.

Drop City Wikipedia

7/26/17       #5: Disruptive Economies ...

That used to work David, but not anymore.

Rural America is running out of grocery stores.

“If that little store closes, it’s going to be catastrophic,” said Bob Rael, director of the economic development council in Costilla County, where San Luis is the seat. “Reality is going to set in. Who let this happen?”

"The phenomenon is a “crisis” that is turning America’s breadbaskets into food deserts, said David E. Procter, a Kansas State University professor whose work has focused on rural food access, erasing a bedrock of local economies just as rural communities face a host of other problems."

"The problem is finding a buyer at a time when owning the local grocery is a high-risk endeavor, and when President Trump’s budget proposal for 2018 calls for billions of dollars in cuts to aid for rural America, including programs like food stamps and business loans that help small groceries."

Grocery Store Article

7/26/17       #6: Disruptive Economies ...
Alan F. Member

Take a look at what Uber and Lyft are doing to cab medallion holders, those guys in Chicago and New York have 350k mortgages on the Medallions for each cab and medallion prices are falling to where they are worth .20 on the dollar.

This what a changing economy does to a mature industry.


7/26/17       #7: Disruptive Economies ...


I wouldn't worry too much about cabinetmaking being a mature industry.

We've only been around since the days of the Egyptians.

It can't happen here.

It can't happen here

7/27/17       #8: Disruptive Economies ...
Pat Gilbert

Is Zappa what you glean between the lines of the WSJ?

If I were to guess I would say that homes will built in factories with lots of automatons running around, that mean that the cabinets will be built in the factories by automatons named Tim.

In case you haven't noticed there has been quite a bit of that there disruptive type economics right here in river city.

Trouble in River City

7/28/17       #9: Disruptive Economies ...

Just when you thought it was safe to build a big beautiful wall!?!

The Wall Street Journal today reported that the preferred method for transporting drugs across the border is becoming machinery borrowed from the oil fracking industry.

This technology is known as HDD: (Horizontal Directional Drilling). It requires almost no manual labor. It can drill a tube from 8 to 80 inches in diameter, for a mile horizontally and be "geo-steered" to hit a precise target. The system automatically lays pipe behind the drill head.

This technology looks like it will disrupt some of the reasons for the "big beautiful wall" just bit the dust. You can build a wall as tall as you want and this thing can just dig right underneath it.

7/28/17       #10: Disruptive Economies ...
Huffing Paint

What would disrupt a lot better is to legalize it all.

7/29/17       #11: Disruptive Economies ...

Paint Huffer,

That is too disruptive.
We have a whole industry dependent on drug interdiction.

If you legalize drugs then you will eliminate the demand for prison populations. If you do that you will eliminate the need for lawyers, judges, prison guards, border patrol and a whole lot more infrastructure. Whole local economies are dependent on keeping on keeping drugs illegal.

Think about all the private prisons that are owned by all the corporations that own all those Senators.

Think of the gangsters.
They are people too and they need income also.

And the terrorists. If drugs were legal they would have no price supports for the heroin poppies that they grow and their revenue would dry up too.

Legalizing drugs would be too disruptive.

7/29/17       #12: Disruptive Economies ...
Huffing Paint

Nope it is just a start to the disruption

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