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Domino df 700



pros cons tips suggestions of Domino df 700.

3/28/15       #2: Domino df 700 ...
Rob Scaffe  Member

I am not a Festool acolyte I think much of their stuff is overpriced and overrated. I purchased a domino DF500 right after it came out, and found it to be worth every bit of the $1000 I paid for it. I do mostly furniture, cabinets and some millwork and the small model is more versatile. If you want to build a lot of full size doors then the 700 is the way to go, for most work the 500 is best.
You might post what your intentions are for better advice.
Feel free to contact me directly if you want more info or any questions


3/28/15       #3: Domino df 700 ...
Dan / drbwoodworks

I bought both , and really have no complaints. I got the 700 right when it came out , at the time we had 12 1 3/4" thick interior doors to build , at the time I couldn't believe I just spent that much money for something that fits in a box , but I'm glad we have it in the shop now . You'll find all kinds of uses for each machine . Don't buy the fancy boxes with the dominos in them , like I did . What a waste of money . Buy the boxes of the long ones and cut them yourself . That way you have all the lengths you need at all times.

3/29/15       #4: Domino df 700 ...
Fess Parker

I really like my Festools. But I guess I am not allowed to write that here.

But they really are top notch.

3/31/15       #5: Domino df 700 ...
David R Sochar Member

We make a lot of doors, but use integral tenons and are equipped to do everything we need that way. So I don't have a need to use the Festool joiner, though I admit to looking for an excuse to buy one. I like good tools, and suspect these would fit in that class.

We do use Festool 6" dual action sanders and vacuums and they have made for an exceptionally clean shop and more healthy atmosphere for sanding. They are excellent.

We also have a Festool track saw for cutting our big doors to length. Far easier to take the tool to the work than the work to the tool when the work weighs 10 times what the tool does. It also is excellent and is used for many things around the shop - veneer edging, breaking up large panels, sizing panels - often 2-3-4 at a time. Excellent cut quality, safe and smart.

4/1/15       #6: Domino df 700 ...
Tim G

Like others here, I cringe at the prices, but have been very happy with the sander, track saw, and the DF500. If you work onsite, they will pay for themselves over and over. What bugs me is with the rising US $ why no price reductions?

4/1/15       #7: Domino df 700 ...
Michael Bugenske  Member


Thank you all for responses.
We intend on using for exterior and interior doors and mitre cabinet doors to begin with. Other uses will assuredly present itself.
As old saying goes " A good tool will last a lifetime".

4/2/15       #8: Domino df 700 ...

I bought the big version also. Immediately made up some knives and run our own lineal stock on the moulder. Awesome tool, I never thought it would see as much use as it does.

4/2/15       #9: Domino df 700 ...

We've had the DF 500 for a long time. Works great. Fast, very versatile. I didn't know if it was worth it's price when I bought it, expensive little thing. But well designed. Only Festool I've got.

4/16/15       #10: Domino df 700 ...

Well now...

I own about $30,000.00 (yes, $30k) worth of Festool tools, and have been using them professionally since I took that plunge in 2009.

It has become a love-hate relationship.

To the OP, the Domino 700 & 500 are indispensable tools for us, and worth their cost, but as with all Festool tools, must be handled carefully, and should be unloaded prior to warranty depletion.

These tools are without equal in so many ways, except for the all important DURABILITY & the fact that no matter how carefully you treat them, they are going to fail and require expensive warranty service or expensive replacement parts on a regular basis .


and even if a failure is covered by warranty, at "no cost"
a failed tool, which you depend on ALWAYS costs us commercial users, and often these (indirect) costs far surpass even the outrageous high price of the Festool tool itself!

The Domino system, is used on every job we do now, and is something I have come to depend on for our normal operations.

keep in mind, you need the entire "system" to get the most out of these. (and any other Festool)
you'll need all the overpriced extras -accessory attachments (fragile as well) dust extractor, and full selection of cutters + domino tenon stock.

Wish I had more time,, I could go on... & I'd love to throw up some YouTube videos showing all the brokedik Festool scrap from our toolroom.

4/16/15       #11: Domino df 700 ...

I agree about the fragile nature of the Festools. Not a production machine for a professional shop with employees. Limit who you allow to use them. That said the Domino system is very useful.

4/16/15       #12: Domino df 700 ...

At the risk of going off subject I have a problem with my Trac saw that maybe David could address? No matter if sharp blade and snug track adjustments my blade wanders about a 1/4" (!!) when I am cutting 2-1/4" doors and sometimes 1-3/4" doors. I have talked to Festool rep and he has never heard of it before (or so he says) . The Festool brand blade actually flexes 1/4" and is that far away from splinter guard while motor starts bogging down. If I cut about 3/4" at a time it works fine but obviously shouldn't have to. What up with that ?

4/16/15       #13: Domino df 700 ...
David R Sochar Member

We do not have any trouble like flexing in the cuts. We have fine tooth and a - less than fine tooth blades, and they are slow, but do not flex. The saws are not high-powered. They cut slowly and patience is required.

I would recommend less teeth rather than more teeth for better cuts in thicker material and plan on about 60 seconds for a 3' x 2-1/4" door in medium hardwood.

The flex is a puzzle since the track holds the saw at a proper angle - parallel - and should be the best way to a good cut. Unless the blade is not parallel to the base/track somehow. I would try to find someone else that has one and compare.

4/16/15       #14: Domino df 700 ...
Kevin Jenness


I have encountered the same problem when using a less than sharp blade in thick material. Make sure the blade is fresh and take your time.The saws certainly are not overpowered. Sometimes it works best to make the cut in steps with two depth settings.

4/17/15       #15: Domino df 700 ...
Rob Scaffe  Member

As long as we are going a bit off subject, I'l take it further astray...
For years, well decades, I have used a Porter Cable 505 half sheet sander, great tool- but no dust collection which is very important at this point to me. I recently bought the Festool RS 2 E, it has the heft of the Porter Cable and excellent dust collection, but compared to the PC it is skittish in operation. The PC can be controlled with 3 fingers while the Festool dances around like a fool. It is not the Vacuum as it is just as bad with the bag attachment. I think it may be the more rigid hook and loop pad, which I like, as I sand typically from 100/120 through 220 and the quick change is a plus vs clamps. Perhaps I should unload this one and migrate to a 6" random disk. Any thoughts?

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4/18/15       #16: Domino df 700 ...
David R Sochar Member

Rob - Do you use any of the R/O sanders that have all but replaced the 'half-sheet' sanders?

If not, I suggest you get your hands on a 5" or 6" dual action Festool or similar. Hook up the vacuum, and then put your pad sanders on the shelf. Our shop is so much cleaner with the Festool vacuums and sanders, it is hard to use anything that doesn't have that level of dust collection.

4/18/15       #17: Domino df 700 ...
Rob Scaffe

Hi Dave
Have used a Dynabrade 5" for several years and like it for coarser grits and it's aggressive nature, especially leveling, for instance, the dovetails on the clock hood in the video, however I have always gravitated to the 1/4, 1/2 sheet PC's for finer work, particularly the 1/2 sheet for larger panels etc. Like you, at this point in my life, dust collection, and a clean shop have become a major concern. To answer your question, I have not tried the Festool 6" RO's. I have checked out a couple of videos, and it looks like the 6" model will provide the smoothness, heft, and footprint of the PC that I am after, as well as excellent dust collection.
Thanks for the advice

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