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Message Thread:

Time for larger truck

Harold morantz

Website: http://www.morantzcabinets.com

My dodge caravan is on its last legs and I need something bigger to pick up odd sheet goods and transport tools to installation sites . I could get a used cargo van 2008 for around 8k or buy a used Uhaul cube 14-17" for same or less. Weren't these once or twice a month for 100.00 day plus gas with a Uhaul corporate account. Are these larger trucks reliable and what's the cost of running one or am I better off with a smaller cargo van? Harold

1/14/16       #2: Time for larger truck ...
rich c.

It's been my experience that once U-Haul has decided to sell a truck, it's on it's last legs. In fact, they rented me trucks that didn't make it out of town. I got the same experience with Ryder too. And those were trucks that were still in their fleets! The new mid-raised roof vans from Dodge and Ford are really nice! My friend just bought a mid-raised roof cargo Dodge van. He can stand up straight in the back.

1/14/16       #3: Time for larger truck ...

I have been thru a few transport/install trucks over the years.
Open bed pickup with cross box - tools exposed to theft and elements=bad all together.
Aluminum StepVan- fairly easy in/out, secure but extremely noisy and difficult to heat and cool and limited maneuverability.
F800 24' box truck with lift gate-because of height hard to load/unload. Most often running empty, underloaded or parked trying to fill it. Quiet and comfortable cab but had d to maneuver in city and tight lots. Tilt front end makes service a breeze.
Cargo van- hard to load/unload and everything you need is always at the furthermost entry point. Also hard to access engine compartment for service.
Isuzu box truck- hard to load/unload but comfortable cab and super maneuverability. Tilt cab makes service a breeze. Poor mileage.
I currently run a Ford Ranger single cab with high utility topper on bed with roof rack on top. Holds a tablesaw with folding stand, sliding miter saw on Bosch gravity stand, lboxxes for install tools and fasteners, akrobins for bulk fasteners and hardware, compressor, 2 ladders, TouchUp/bumpers, cords and hoses,ect. LOVE it for installing- just walk up to and get what you want. Everything is in it's place and labeled with mfr sku's to make inventory/reorder easy.
I have air springs installed and pull a 12' vee nose all aluminum enclosed trailer- it carries most all jobs complete and certainly all I can install in one or two days.
I have a hitch carrier as well and have carried 4 or 5 base and wall cabinets on the roof rack with permanent ratchet straps. I have also carried 10-12 sheets of 3/4 birch up top with no problems.
Got pictures if you want and wish you well with your search.
I will consider a F150 standard cab long bed and utility topper at next vehicle purchase but the small truck is easy to drive and park anywhere especially when doing high rise apartments and condo's in downtown Dallas.

1/15/16       #4: Time for larger truck ...
Edi Silva  Member

Website: silvawoodworking.com


We use a Chevy cargo van for installs, we keep all the installation tools inside all the time, so the van is always ready to go.
Pick up sheet goods? well that's my supplier job to the delivery to me when i need it.
Delivery cabinets? We used to rent a truck, not anymore, we don't make money delivering, we make money fabricating, so for $300.00( 50 miles radius) i can get this delivery company to pick up my cabinets and delivery to the job site, while my guys is at the shop making money. We've been using this company for 5 years with zero incident.
So, a cargo van works for me, we put a nice sign on the sides and back, so it looks professional and everybody knows us, even the cops, LOL.


1/15/16       #5: Time for larger truck ...
Steve Member

Website: http://www.maxprod.com

While we're not woodworkers (we supply them), I have both a Chevy Cargo Van and a Chevy box truck - 12' bed. The only difference is the width of the box truck (dually), cargo size, and the load capacity.

Our fuel economy is fairly similar in both - crappy 12 MPG. Caution's: We have a cool picture of our truck crashed into a bridge because a young driver wasn't clearly told to worry about low bridges (our fault), and we never got around to getting the height marking on the vehicle (also our fault). The driver is a great guy, felt bad, and is still with us. The other problem the dealer didn't tell us about: If you register a truck over 9,999 lbs, you are subject to Federal DOT regulations if you take it across state lines. We got a warning from a state trooper in the neighboring state so we are dropping the weight class below. (We use it for the secure covered volume more than the weight.)
So that's our experience on the economics, but I agree - stay away from any of the rental vehicles.

1/15/16       #6: Time for larger truck ...
Jim Member

I use a 2005 Dodge Sprinter Van with the tall top.

Best buy I made. Can stand up on the inside ( I am 6'1"). Have bins and racks that I made that hold tools and such to the sides with plenty of room down the middle to haul the occasional sheet good, or lumber order. Plenty of room for cabinets that stack up to the ceiling (6' tall).

The best part is that it is more maneuverable than my previous Chevy cargo van and I get over 20 mpg (diesel).

1/15/16       #7: Time for larger truck ...

Nisan has made a high roof van for quite a few years, nice. Some should be on the used market now. I'd skip the used rental trucks.

1/15/16       #8: Time for larger truck ...
Harold morantz

Website: http://morantz spinets.com

Thanks for all the advise guys. Hope to make decision soon. Not going big or new as I am 65 and don't want to make that type of financial commitment at this point.retirement fund is way to low as it is&#128526; Harold.


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