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Message Thread:

Employees and Virus symtoms

james e mcgrew  Member

Website: mcgrewwoodwork.com

On Thursday AM an Employee was in his car (not in building yet) he rolled his window down and told another Employee he was sick,, 2nd employee told him to go home, i called a short while later and he did sound sick. i asked him his symtoms. chilled fever upchucking etc so i told him to go to the doctor...

he called me later in the day and told me he was feeling better , i asked him if he had gone to the doctor. No he said i told him he could not come back until he had gone to the doctor,, he did not like that.

Later I found out (We always do don't We) that he had gotten a stimulus check and had done some imbibing,

Friday he goes to the doctor and I had told him to tell the VA doctor about thursday not only how he was feeling now.. He called and they have now tested Him and he is under a do not return to work until test results are in...

My bet is He will not do that again as it is gonna cost him $$$$

What we have is a bunch of smart people wearing mask and protecting themselves telling a bunch of less intelligent people don't worry, all clear go rub up on each other and mask, what mask who needs one...

How about other Shops, Employees paying attention or Not ?

5/2/20       #2: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
rich c.

Illinois implemented a mask at all times when in public on May 1. Met 6 people on a bicycle trail yesterday, I was the only one wearing a mask. Illinois infection numbers are still rapidly climbing, but groups, towns, and opposite party politicians are suing to get out of their homes. I read a study where it could take 2 years for our country to reach herd immunity, the only way they saw to limit the virus infection rate. Won't be a lot of us old times around in 2 years!

5/2/20       #3: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
Matt Calnen

James, oh to be young and dumb again. Donít be to hard on him if he is a good employee. We all make mistakes, especially in trying times.
Rich, Iím in northern Michigan and just got my first plywood and lumber delivery two days ago. The driver paid no attention to proper distance or wearing a mask, and he was from downstate! Half the people around me wear masks. I am a libertarian but I do have a brain. Iím fine working and interacting with people as long as we are smart about it. I donít live in a hot spot, only 21 cases in my county. But if we want to control this as we get back to work we all need to be smart. Donít be afraid to call people out for not doing their part!

5/4/20       #4: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
Alan F. Member

We are still shutdown but are developing a COVID-19 plan including masking, stay at home, and other rules. We will be paying people that are sent home.

We are going to see if we can get an exemption to open.

We are also developing different rules for installation, right now guys have to travel in different vehicles


5/6/20       #5: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
Paul Miller


I think, if someone calls in sick, they have to go to the Dr. We just came back to work this Monday. I did get a PPP loan, so if anyone does get the virus, we will cover them for their wages if they lose time. As for Social distancing, our shop is fairly large and I left it up to the guys. We had a meeting, we discussed all the issues. I am not going to be a policeman.

I am the oldest person working here, (70) and I do have a heart condition, so no one is more at risk than myself. When I see, in Michigan, where I am, 5% of the deaths
occur in the age group of 50 and under, I do not see a great risk.

5/6/20       #6: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
james e mcgrew  Member

Website: mcgrewwoodwork.com

My guy came back negative so he is back at work... and i think very relieved!!
this ain't over yet..

5/7/20       #7: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
rich c.

You're right James, read that some studies are saying this could be around for another 2 years.

5/7/20       #8: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
Joe Knobbe

Rich C - just to clarify the Illinois mask policy - it's NOT mask at all times in public.
When do you need to wear a mask?
Under the stay-at-home order, individuals must wear a "face-covering or mask when in a public place where they can't maintain a six-foot social distance." It applies to anyone over the age of 2 "who are able to medically tolerate a face-covering or a mask."

5/7/20       #9: Employees and Virus symtoms ...
rich c.

Thanks Joe. The multi use trail I use is 6' wide, so staying 6' apart is impossible unless one of you leaves the trail.


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