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Coronavirus first hand


I'm going to post this as anonymous. But you would recognize my handle if I listed it.

I believe I am now 95% recovered from this virus. Having first come down with noticeable symptoms two weeks ago and immediately becoming very ill for four days I made a brief recovery before being hit with round 2. Perhaps, I pushed to hard taking care of my wife who had by then had become ill also and trying to catch up in the smallest amount from being down. But it was the worst fever, digestive system and chest congestion of my life. Amongst those were half a dozen other symptoms less severe. I'm only early 40's. Scary stuff. Thankfully it did not hit my wife as hard or my teenagers hardly at all or at all.

But the only thing more scary than the virus is the way this is being handled and playing out. The politicians on both sides are scaring me to death. The one thing they can all agree on is tyranny in their own form and they aren't responsible for anything. The economics is downright mind blowing. We aren't getting out of this without a full blown depression as the best case scenario. This is a life altering event. I feel blessed as it has not hit us in the pocket book yet. Having changed my payment schedule to 100% upfront to even get booked on our production calendar we are good through the summer. After that we will run out of homes that already have foundations in the ground and aren't too far along to quit. I know others in my area are starting to lose jobs and everyone from lumber to hardware vendors says it has slowed way, way down.

I've lived through the virus now and it was a severe battle. I believe the next few years are going to be even tougher as we battle for our businesses and our freedoms.

4/23/20       #2: Coronavirus first hand ...
Matt Calnen

Very glad to hear you and your wife beat it. Just wondering, do you have any of those underlying issues that make the sickness worse, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, asthma , etc? Just wondering. I Live in Northern Michigan and we donít have a lot around in my county, so itís hard to chat with folks who have had or dealt with it. Thanks

4/23/20       #4: Coronavirus first hand ...
Leo G Member

Glad to hear you got through it.

4/23/20       #5: Coronavirus first hand ...
Karl E Brogger  Member

Website: http://www.sogncabinets.com

How would you rank it against food poisoning, or a nasty round of the flu?

I had the flu one time, followed by food poisoning. I was not a fan.

Things are starting to turn around here I think. The people are starting to revolt against the lockdown since none of their predictions were remotely accurate. People love being lied to, but they also like paying the mortgage and sleeping indoors.

4/23/20       #7: Coronavirus first hand ...

I'm heavy, but think strong man kind of heavy who young guys can't keep up with. But no other underlying health issues at all.

10x worse than any flu or food posioning I've had. And I've had a nasty case of both in the past.

I've probably called in sick 3 days my whole life and all three where in the last few years simply because they were more mental health days from being a business owner more than anything.

I'm in an area with the "light" strain. This thing is nasty.

4/24/20       #8: Coronavirus first hand ...
David R Sochar Member

Thanks for sharing your story. Nothing like a horse's mouth, even from 6' away.

Since you are anonymous, did you follow the guidelines with 6' distance, mask on when out and about, etc? Were you one of those loudmouth alt right types that don't 'believe' in the virus?

Besides the raw facts of the illness, the subject is now going the way of politics and religion, where belief trumps fact and reality. Those little buggers don't care what your politics are, they are determined to reproduce, even if it kills you.

4/24/20       #9: Coronavirus first hand ...
Pat Gilbert

Thanks for the report Anom, I'm glad that you are doing better.

But the fact is that .1% of people who get it die from it.

The flu is .05% die from it.

Yes worse but not orders of magnitude worse.

4/24/20       #10: Coronavirus first hand ...
Leo G Member

With the new anti-body testing it's going to show a lot more people have had this with many of them not even knowing they were infected.

I've seen reports as low as .06% dying from it with the new information.

Still sad that anyone had to pass on from this, but that goes the same with flu and all the other illnesses out there.

4/24/20       #11: Coronavirus first hand ...
james e mcgrew  Member

Website: mcgrewwoodwork.com

Dear God I am glad yopu made it, I have a friend who did not. so many have no idea. I am soo glad you posted this

Friday twoweeks ago 9000 +/- had died in the US as a result of this. today 50.372

that is 42000 in two weeks, i finally got the message thru to a hard liner employee by explaining if he had a bank account paying 10-12% per day. when his neighbor got sick he started wearing a mask.

We are requiring all to wear a mask if they need to work closer than 12 feet from each other and hand washing breaks are every 1-2 hours.

any old school thought would be to let this thing clear a bit more before opening up the close contact economy. yesterday i saw college kids walking in groups shorts and skimpy tshirts without a care in the world. saw to 30 something bankers shaking hands and slapping each other on the back..

all i know is to do my part and pray to vote with common sense in November

4/25/20       #12: Coronavirus first hand ...
Rob Young  Member

Website: http://www.nutekmachinery.com

Anonymous- was Covid-19 confirmed with testing? I do know a lot of people, including family members, that believe they may have had it. I'm sure there are a large number of people walking around that have had it, that weren't symptomatic and haven't been tested. In fact the estimate is 80% of people have very mild symptoms. If this is true there is probably a minimum of 4 times more people that have Covid-19 then what is being reported via testing. It's also important to understand that not everyone being reported positive with Covid-19 were tested either. The CDC directed hospitals to lump suspected cases in with tested cases so the numbers are all skewed to the point that there is no reputable information available. Of course we all need to do everything we can to protect ourselves and our families health.

You've stated as fact that we are going into a depression as a result of this. The economists I have listened to and read see this as far less severe then our last recession in 2007. There will be companies that go out of business but these are also companies that already have a weak footing in the market. I see this happening on a regular basis with new companies springing up, often employees from companies that go out of business are starting them. This crisis will push that cycle along a little faster though.

Depending on the strength of your company, this will be an excellent time to upgrade machinery and automate processes to become more efficient in order to take advantage of the inevitable upswing. Negotiate new machinery discounts with distributors if you're in position to upgrade. It's a great buyers market. Make certain you are in position to gain market share when things loosen up.

Above all else stay healthy and I'm thankful to hear your story.

4/25/20       #13: Coronavirus first hand ...
Pat Gilbert

The real problem with this economy is that the businesses that go under are not business that the customer quit buying from it is the ones that the government decided were not "essential"

That is a huge difference.

Overall the LEIs were all up before the shutdown. The trend will continue I think after the shutdown is lifted but the recovery may not be as quick as many are saying because of the government intervention.

For sure the denominator of the virus infection level was much higher than originally stated. IOW the Corona virus mortality rate is about the same as the flu according to very credible sources.

Credible source on the virus

4/25/20       #14: Coronavirus first hand ...
Matthew Thomas

A few facts as I see them:

The mortality rate is around 0.5%

We will reach herd immunity (60 to 70% infected) prior to a vaccine being ready. It's also unlikely a therapeutic will be ready before we reach herd immunity levels.

That means about 1 million Americans will die from this virus over the next 2 years during several "waves" of varying intensity.

There is no pleasant solution to this. A lot of people are going to die AND there will be a lot of economic pain. It's been 3 generations since Americans have been forced to make any tough life and death choices. It's here now.

4/26/20       #15: Coronavirus first hand ...

When NOTHING adds up FOLLOW the money.

4/26/20       #16: Coronavirus first hand ...
Hen Bob Member


Fair enough, where do you see the money going?

4/26/20       #17: Coronavirus first hand ...

To the very people that already have 90% of everything.

You certainly don't believe a $1200 dollar tax rebate is What created the biggest gains on wall street in a century, do you ????

4/26/20       #18: Coronavirus first hand ...
Dave Edgerton  Member

I wonder sometimes how they calculate the stats. Deaths per 100,000? Or deaths per total population?
In my mind it should be deaths out of total confirmed cases.
Either way it's mind boggling what is happening. We have let our temp employees go for a while and it's just me and the wife and our 2 kids banging it out. No outside contact with anyone.

4/26/20       #19: Coronavirus first hand ...

When I had the Hong Kong flu, and almost died, the US population was a little more than half of today , Average Life expectancy was 70, not 80. What would that do to mortality?

what happens when average life expectancy increases by another decade ???

90% or so of those on ventilators die. Do we really need more ventilators ????

4/26/20       #20: Coronavirus first hand ...
Rob Young  Member

Website: http://www.nutekmachinery.com


I have heard the argument that 90% of the people on ventilators die and that some people believe the ventilators are actually killing them. It's important to think this through carefully. People are put on ventilators because they can't breathe and are going to die. When put on a ventilator 10% of the people that are going to die end up living.

One thing I am 100% certain of is that we don't have all the facts, never will be given all the facts, and the numbers are completely skewed.

4/26/20       #21: Coronavirus first hand ...

"When put on a ventilator 10% of the people that are going to die end up living"

Don't know that I believe that. Wasn't that long ago people were bled out.

I believe the supposed ventilator shortage was both politically and financially motivated.

Ideology drives interpretation of the facts,myself included.

4/27/20       #22: Coronavirus first hand ...
Kevin Dunphy

Website: http://www.kdunphy.com

That the thing is we as a wood workers don't know anything about a virus.
Scary stuff ,excuse we while I have my one ounce shoot of lacquer thinner to keep the virus away

4/29/20       #23: Coronavirus first hand ...

My neighbors wife died @ the beginning of the month. Diagnosed Weds, passed on Thurs

We made dinner and shopped for them for them for two weeks while they were quarantined.

He has cried a a lot of tears I hugged him when the came of quarantine

4/30/20       #24: Coronavirus first hand ...

RIP to those that didn't make it.

Sure looks like he was right

4/30/20       #25: Coronavirus first hand ...
Patrick S Gilbert

So Professor Wittkowski is saying that the denominator makes the infection rate around 20% in NYC.

But the mortality rate is 1% in NYC.

But not else where, I'm thinking he is right

4/30/20       #26: Coronavirus first hand ...

My condolences to those who have lost friends and family to Coronavirus or any other cause.

My wife's young cousin just passed this week due to an accidental overdose of pain medication he was taking after having been assaulted by his father and suffering a broken collar bone and other injuries.

My father in law's mother is in the hospital and on a ventilator due to congestive heart failure causing her lungs to fill with fluid(tested negative for Covid-19 so nothing to do with that.) She is elderly, has just lost her husband to cancer, and is all alone in the hospital with a tube down her throat and no one is allowed to go see her and provide any comfort, even though she could soon pass away, due the acute hyper focusing on Covid-19, of which there have been very little deaths in my state. Also, the treatment she desperately needed was delayed because of the requirement to test for Covid-19.

We have mass unemployment across the country due to lockdowns and many other unintended consequences due to media sensationalism, governmental overreach, and poorly thought out policies. There are even quite a few loud, hysterical alt left types screeching about how they hope anyone going out and trying to get on with there life catches coronavirus and dies, adding fuel to an already divisive situation.

I truly hope you all the best and hope this country can get back to some sense of normality sooner than later.

5/2/20       #27: Coronavirus first hand ...
Kevin Dunphy

Website: http://www.kdunphy.com

I guess what Pat said after this is over .I know a government has the power to order a business to close in an emergency .
But is that without finical responsibility ? after this the lawyers will be getting rich .

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