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This was interesting

Mark B

I dont know much at all about rocket building or the physics and finances behind it and Im never sure how I feel about Elon Musk but ive been through this long video a couple times now and the manufacturing/process bits in there are insane. A lot completely contrary to convention.


8/7/21       #2: This was interesting ...
james e mcgrew  Member

Website: mcgrewwoodwork.com

I have watched a lot on him, His manufacturing with 3d printing and injection molds for entire frames and parts is pretty amazing

8/7/21       #3: This was interesting ...
Mark B

I was pretty impressed with his information towards the beginning of the video with regards to the waste in the design/iteration process of pretty much anything. So pertinent to anything... "the design rounds down to zero" with regards to the work involved. I deal with that on a daily basis. Then speaking to always asking yourself if your working hard to improve a process that could be eliminated all together.

You can see it in his demeanor the wheels are turning in his head faster than most could even hold on for. I kept waiting through the whole thing for him to bail and just say "I dont have time for this".

8/8/21       #4: This was interesting ...
pat gilbert

Some of his ideas are BS like the tunneling stuff.

Mostly I think he is a good PR guy

His activities are paid for with public subsidies

I have to admit seeing a booster rocket land back on the launch pad is really cool.

The more remarkable think is that NASA hasn't done much since the moon landing at a cost well into the billions per year

8/8/21       #5: This was interesting ...

Yes, Elon Musk is a good PR guy, like the Steve Jobs of his companies, never in the public eye to talk about corporate failures, but willing to take all the credit, undue or not, for corporate successes.

NASA has perhaps shifted direction since Challenger, focusing on galactic discovery rather than on human transportation, with projects like Voyager and Hubble. Those projects are likely not cheap.

Private enterprise, in this case, owes at least some of its success to NASA research and groundwork, as well as government subsidies, whether you like the government or not.

It is nice to be able to utilize the technological advances that have occured since 1969, but so far, these guys have succeeded in giving space cowboy joyrides to millionaires, sort of like upper atmosphere balloon rides. Perhaps I will be more impressed when they accomplish their own moon landing.


8/8/21       #6: This was interesting ...
pat gilbert


Competition makes the difference, no doubt government er ah taxpayers paid for a lot of the initial research.

But like every government bureaucracy they are not productive and cost way more than they should

View higher quality, full size image (1408 X 1056)

8/8/21       #7: This was interesting ...

And what would the graph look like for the private sector price per seat if they did all of the groundbreaking development?

Because we know EVERY private company is ALWAYS exceptionally efficient, never fails at the given task and ALWAYS puts the interests of the American people over the stockholders in Wall Street.

8/8/21       #8: This was interesting ...

Pat Gilbert:

To piggyback on what Yup said, I suppose that for quite a while, NASA was in competition, with the Soviet Union. The chart is not surprising, in that private enterprise differs in that it is beholden to stockholders, and so must be lean and mean, whereas the government was banking on outperforming the Soviets, using jingoism, giddy taxpayer money, and the posthumous "Kennedy vision", to get to the moon.

"Lean" and government are mutually exclusive. If SpaceX had to start from scratch, without benefit of NASA research and the mistakes already made, and of pioneers like Werner von Braun, I wonder what that graph would look like then.


8/8/21       #9: This was interesting ...
pat gilbert

Yup Tony and Yup

Of course government does a better job developing something that doesn't have a profit in it

As indicated by the chart that time has long since passed

Bloated bureaucracies rob disposal income from citizens though increased taxes and regulations, in the case of NASA for some time.

That disposal income that might otherwise be spent on cabinets gets spent on taxes and regulations

8/8/21       #10: This was interesting ...

Predictable response Pat. Corporate entities love ignorant guys like you who use the same generic anti government rhetoric as if the corporations provide some golden egg to the public. Corporations do everything in their power to extract as much profit for their shareholders and in many cases pay little to no taxes to the foundation that essentially subsidizes the infrastructure and systems within which they operate. It's brilliant propaganda that has seen the income disparity in this country deplete the middle class, but as long as people are buying your cabinets who cares right?

8/9/21       #11: This was interesting ...
pat gilbert

So what's next Yup? the Gini index

Have a nice day, Maybe Carl will have to delete some posts?

8/9/21       #12: This was interesting ...
Mark B

No need to go all Elon Musk, Nasa, Gov./Corporate. Was more about efficiency in design/iteration/manufacturing. Its stated clearly in the videos, there is criteria that applies to all phases that Nasa and govt never could allow. Human passenger = zero or as close to zero, cargo (as sick as it is) if one blows up... is what it is... several craft covered are not even considered for recovery.. they are pretty much a bottle rocket launched into the sea (brings up some envrio stuff)...

Point was just the complete and utter flaws in the concept of design to execution that are drilled into even the young folk held over from the industrial revolution.

8/13/21       #13: This was interesting ...

Website: http://www.kdunphy.com

I saw it most of it 3hrs with Elon geeking out .What surprised me the most was he has no ego and tells the truth .In my world I deal with contractors and designer's with egos the size of Texas .

8/14/21       #14: This was interesting ...

FYI, SpaceX is privately held.

The whole “corporations don’t pay tax” gets old.
They employ people, and pay people. All those people pay tax on that income. Share holders who receive distributions pay tax on those distributions. The goods they produce are sold, and sales tax is collected on those items. The vehicles they use to transport those goods use fuel, that was taxed at the pump.
The government is the biggest benefactor of most businesses from the taxes that are collected in that business

8/14/21       #15: This was interesting ...
Mark B

That in no way, shape, or form, exempts the corporation from paying taxes or having a bunch of shareholders and executives that have the financial capacity and level of risk aversion to hire gobs of tax lawyers to setup "scenarios" that shield them from paying their fair share. All of the massive corporations who have been sited over the years for paying zero tax have been called out by every right up to our last president and including Elon Musk for their ability to legally exploit the horror of our flawed tax system as it relates to the top tier.

Just because I employ people, pay taxes on vehicles, equipment, employee tax withholdings, and I entice people to spend money on the goods coming out of my shop, doesnt in any way mean Im not obligated to pay into the system beyond those taxes to support the system under which I benefit.

When we have single individuals on the planet paying nothing with a net worth of 170 billion dollars, that are pretty much supporting a second holocaust in western China to support our drunken frenzy, its pretty darn clear where the "rig" in the system is.

Musk himself has been outspoken about how backwards the corporate tax structure is in this country and is, rather than exploiting it for personal decadence, trying to build a better system although his fixation is on the multi-planet and not so much government reform.

One human, paying a mere 10%? 15%? 20%? on their 170 billion is not something I will ever have empathy for when I have been self employed for nearly 35 years, chosen to live a healthy life, dont smoke, stay fit, have never had children by choice, and I easily contribute double those numbers on many years willingly all while employing and paying the adjacent as well.

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