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Message Thread:

Cabinet hinges


I am just wondering what everyone is using for cabinet hinges, by brand? And by kind, in either press in or screw in or fold down clip? Reasons why?
I have used Blum or Salice forever, have always used the press in , but quit awhile back as the plastic tabs were kind of a pain in the finishing process. Have just been using screws directly into the doors as the fold down hinges always seemed pricey to me.
One other part to the question, do you do your drilling on a designated mini press or with a cnc? I have a Blum mini press, but it never gets used, so was thinking of selling it?

1/25/19       #2: Cabinet hinges ...
Dennis Bean  Member


Hello Scott,

I see by your post that you are familiar with both Salice and Blum. You know then that your Blum Mini-press can be used to bore for and insert either brand. Your comment about the dowels interfering with finishing is a common challenge for many.

Let me review some choices here.

1. Continue to use the mini press to bore for the hinges. Instead of using the 8mm bits, install 2 - 2.0mm bits (with 3/8” collett) to bore pilot holes for wood screws. This will insure the hinge is installed perfectly perpendicular to the door.

2. Keep the 8mm bits in the machine and chose an alternate attachment instead of dowels or the “fold-down” type. Blum refers to the fold down type as Inserta while the Salice name is “Logica”. I would agree that both the Inserta add Logica add cost.

3. Salice offers a 3rd type called “Rapido”. Price-wise it will be between a doweled hinge and the “fold-down” types.

4. The Rapido cam is pre-attached to the hinge and installs easily by hand after boring the door. Once installed, a simple turn of the cam screw locks the hinge in place. The hinge can also be easily removed by reversing the cam screw turn. This can be repeated multiple times without damaging the hole. It is also a very strong attachment method.

5. The boring pattern is the same as it is for a Salice or Blum doweled hinge.

6. For the same reasons, the Rapido hinge is also a good choice if using a CNC to bore the doors.

7. The Rapido attachment is available
on practically all Salice hinges.

Here is an illustration.

Best of luck,

View higher quality, full size image (713 X 313)

1/25/19       #3: Cabinet hinges ...

We use almost exclusively the hettich sensys with the "toolless fast assembly" which is basically the fold down hinge you were talking about. We chose the hettich sensys because we found that their soft close mechanism is the most consistent in the business. We dont have to turn soft close off of one door then on the other door.

We have found that even though initial cost is a bit higher, the time savings from using these hinges generally outweigh the cost.

From dealing with the dowels, to having to unscrew the hinge to dismount, then screw it back on to mount it, the time adds up more than you would expect.

1/25/19       #4: Cabinet hinges ...
Gary Member

We have always bored and pressed the hinges in the doors after they are finished as we assemble cabinets and hang the doors. Never had finish damaged in the process and the dowels obviously don't get in the way when finishing. We use a Blum press and hinges.

1/25/19       #5: Cabinet hinges ...

We used to do that too Gary, until we decided the best way to do things was pre hang all doors prior to finish, to ensure everything fits correctly

1/25/19       #6: Cabinet hinges ...


How often are you finding doors that don't fit. I'd look at how to eliminate that error before I was willing to pre hang and remove every single door.

1/25/19       #7: Cabinet hinges ...

99% of our doors fit just fine, but it's nice to know going into the booth that there is a 0% chance that any of the doors or drawer fronts will need to be trimmed/scribed/remade.

With the toolless hinges you're talking about seconds per door to make sure the fit is good.

1/25/19       #8: Cabinet hinges ...
Dave L

I use a hinge boring machine - 2mm bits (in 10mm sleeves, not 3/8) for screw on hinges. A dedicated machine with 2 stops keeps it simple (equidistant hinges).

1/26/19       #9: Cabinet hinges ...

I drill with a Blum mini press but use the Salice Rapido hinges. They are fantastic! Drill holes before finishing, easy to install and remove if necessary, quicker than screwing on, and never had a problem with them holding. Wouldn't consider any other hinge.

1/27/19       #10: Cabinet hinges ...

Thanks for all the input. I find that for both hinges and drawer slides, a lot of customers are some how educated enough about the hardware , that they think Blum is the best and that is what they want. Does anyone else find this, or is that just my imagination?

1/27/19       #11: Cabinet hinges ...

I too like to install doors prior to finishing to verify the fit. I've used Blum Inserta hinges for years and loved how quickly they could be put on and taken off. However, the new version of the Inserta which expands the 8mm dowels doesn't alway come off as clean as the old style that expands the hinge cup. This sometimes leads to a scarred door or a bent hinge. The Salice Rapido sounds like it may be better for my operation. I think I'll check with my distributor to see if they carry them.

1/28/19       #12: Cabinet hinges ...
Dennis Bean  Member



If you would like a few Rapido samples to try, just send me an email with your address. Include too what would be typical for you...face frame, frameless, soft close etc...



1/28/19       #13: Cabinet hinges ...

Thanks Dennis, will do.

1/28/19       #14: Cabinet hinges ...

I also think I am going to try the salice rapido. I am also curious about the Hettich hinges Tyler was talking about.

1/29/19       #15: Cabinet hinges ...
Dennis Bean  Member


Hey Dave L, - I stand corrected. The collet for the 2 mm bits is indeed 10 mm. I was looking at a spec that was incorrect and didn't stop to think about it. :(
Thanks for pointing that out.

Scott - Just send me an email if you want samples of the Rapido.


1/30/19       #16: Cabinet hinges ...

We use the rapido and really like them. Slab doors are drilled on cnc, all others on hinge machine

2/11/19       #17: Cabinet hinges ...
Scott Markwood

Scott, the reason your customers appear to know the Blum brand name is most likely because of Ikea. I've been to several of them around the country and most if not all have tradeshow-like displays behind glass touting their use of Blum hardware. Not unlike the old "Intel Inside" stickers on PC's if you put a brand name in front of someone often enough the name starts to connect. I don't know if Intel's chips were any better than their competitors, but for some reason I felt better when I saw that little sticker. We are simple creatures. Hopefully your customers aren't comparing the rest of your products and those found at Ikea.

View higher quality, full size image (700 X 646)

5/11/22       #18: Cabinet hinges ...
Kiran R Member


I had replaced my Cabinet Hinges.I bought it from Renovators Supply Manufacturing
I hope you find this useful.

Cabinet Hinges


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