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Subject: Re: Sawstop Jobsite saw


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Message Thread:

Sawstop Jobsite saw


A few months back I had an incident with my fingers and the sawstop. I bought 2 of there jobsite saws for my install vans. I was very impressed with all the features n the saw, thought I would share quick overview.

Sawstop jobsite walk through

12/23/20       #2: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...


I just bought a Dewalt, I wish I had seen this video 2 weeks ago.

12/23/20       #3: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...


Thanks for the review, they are a very nice saw, still to pricey for my liking.

I would by the dewalt saw for the job site every day of the week and twice on Sunday. They have the best fence system hands down. Most job site table saw fences are only fastened on on end and most are flimsy and it doesnít take a lot of use and the fence is not parallel to the blade. The Dewalt has the gear system on the back of the fence so you can be pushing full sheets of plywood through the saw and the fence wonít move , you will push the saw before you push the fence.

Anyways at the end of the day everyone has there likes and dislikes and whatever works for you is good by me.

12/24/20       #4: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
pat s gilbert

I appreciate Derrek's feedback, on this I have to respectfully disagree.

The first question on a portable saw I have is, how much does it weigh?

How hard is to take under scaffolding, over ditches, and up stairs?

I'm not sure how many accidents on the table saw involve direct contact with the blade, many of them occur with no contact with the blade. IMO the most important safety feature on a table saw is the riving knife.

The Dewalt has all the features of the Saw Stop at less than half the cost.

The support that flips over the fence is to support material when the fence is away from the table

I like the push stick attached to the fence on the Dewalt, it doesn't get lost and is always accessible.

I don't like that Saw Stop lobbied to make their saws retroactively required by law in Calif.

I don't like that they stopped IIRC Bosch from selling something similiar without the expensive unit required after the saw stop is engaged.

Crony capitalism at it's worst

12/24/20       #5: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
pat s gilbert

"The Dewalt has all the features of the Saw Stop [except the saw stop feature] at less than half the cost."

12/24/20       #6: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
Dustin orth

I need to chime in here as well. How many people or know of someone here have had injuries on a tablesaw that could have been prevented by this technology? Did you have to pay the hospital bills? I'm not a salesperson for saw stop but I know of 3 people hurt on the table saw. 2 would have not been missing middle fingers. The third was a stupid accident with a molding head. What do you estimate the cost of loosing fingers and all the time that person is not available to work?

The people who came up with this are using the patent system to every advantage they can, would you cry foul if it was your invention or just let someone steal your ideas?

12/24/20       #7: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...

I sure hope they come out with the planer stop, the shaper stop, the jointer stop, the band saw stop, the lathe stop, the overhead router stop, the upcut saw stop, the miter saw stop, the cnc stop and whatever other tool that you need to be trained on and have respect for, soon.

12/24/20       #8: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...

The safety feature of the saw is a very remarkable feature and a great piece of engineering, unfortunately the rest of the saw is manufactured off shore and is average at best, comparable to all the other offshore brands like grizzly, general international, king, pioneer and the list goes on and on. The saws are way over priced for what you get, I get that the safety feature is worth something, but no where near what they are asking.

Like Dustin said they are capitalizing on their invention and you canít fault them for that, I just know that I will never buy one.

12/25/20       #9: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
Oggie Member

I have a bigger Dewalt DWE7491RS and a smaller DW745 and I've never found anything else in that price range that is comparable to the quality and usability of the Dewalt fences.

I started with a bigger one, but now I use a smaller one 99% of the time.

Had one minor incident with the smaller one, caused by my own fault, that taught me to be more careful with cutting smaller pieces while fingers are close to the blade.
Some rapid blade stop system would have probably helped, but I'm not willing to trade Dewalt's fences for that (32" and 20" rip capacity respectively for the bigger and smaller one).
Someone who endured more serious injury may have different view on that and that's understandable.

A zero clearance blade insert (which I'm forever postponing to make) would also help to prevent a lot of incidents.

12/26/20       #10: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
pat s gilbert


I'm calling foul on their stopping Bosch from trying to sell something similiar

I'm calling foul on them lobbying to legislate that the Saw Stop be required by law (retroactively) in Calif.

Patent law is based on the specious notion that only one entity is responsible for an invention.

Ideas are traded and contributed to by many.

1/3/21       #11: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
Fedi Geczy Member


Hi Derrek,

Let's clear up our language and differentiate between genuine accidents and incidents caused by lack of training, lack of attention, complacency and the lack of understanding of the tools we use every single day. There are genuine accidents, but most with a saw are not such. Talk with people who got injured and their story starts with "well, I did something stupid".

Along the lines of what Jeff said, I wish they would have come up with a HammerStop when I started my business in 1988 and had to install miles of shoe molding and crown molding, using finish nails and a hammer and nail set. Also, I think there is a market for SteppingonLegowithbarefeetinamiddleofthenightStop.

Just checked on the SawStop site and they list the weight of the machine at 38 kg. Hmmm...the rest of the weights are all in lbs, wonder why. 38 kg is 83 lbs. Thus, this is a two person saw on a job site, unless you also have a BackbreakingStop machine for sale.

Best wishes for all for 2021.

1/3/21       #12: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...


You make a very important point, safety features should definately be reserved only for victims of accidents. Incident victims should have been more careful and probably deserved to lose that finger.

1/3/21       #13: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...
pat s gilbert

"Deserve to lose a finger"...

1/10/21       #14: Sawstop Jobsite saw ...

Festool owns sawstop and have their own table saw design with the saws top safety feature either in design or production,
I also read that sawstop was hoping to come out with a less expensive model of table saw, under the $500 range.
Both these projects will be interesting for all the tool folks.


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