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Used uhaul trucks?

Mike Fuson

For the last couple years I've threatened to get away from my box trailer and get a box truck. I've finally decided to bite the bullet and get one. I wanted an Isuzu NPR but have recently been looking at used uhaul trucks because they sit lower to the ground and all of them have a pull out ramp, only some of the isuzus do. Wondering if any of you guys have went the uhaul route and do they make good cabinet trucks? Are there any other kinds of trucks that are better?

7/4/15       #2: Used uhaul trucks? ...

Can't comment on buying a used uhaul truck but can recommend for anyone that has a need for a truck or trailer to not hesitate to rent one. The trailers especially sit very low to the ground and are cheap to rent. Just used the small 12' long 6' tall version few days ago 29.99 a day.

7/4/15       #3: Used uhaul trucks? ...

Actually from a business stand point how often would you need to use a box truck to justify buying one over renting one??? Without having any hard data (cost of rental on the renting side vs cost of depreciation, insurance, maintenance, and interest if any on the buying side) I would venture a guess of 10-12 days in between uses is the breaking even point. Less than that you buy and more than that you rent. Just my bleary eyed pondering at 1AM lol

7/4/15       #4: Used uhaul trucks? ...
james mcgrew Member

I buy the Budget 14 and 16 foot beds at 90-140 k miles for 6500-13 k after checking them out, I have three one I got for 3 k in 07 and put a 2500.00 motor in it at 2010 all have proven profitable and just got a nice 07 with 130k miles in Feb at 6300.00 that is one nice truck,, Getting away from those trailers was one of the best moves I ever made.

7/4/15       #5: Used uhaul trucks? ...
Jim Herron

I've driven several delivery/install vehicles over the years. I will share my perceived pros/cons of each.
The open bed pickup- possibly the worst ever- open to the elements, thieves and hard to load especially around wheel wells.
Pickup with topper shell- see above except dry
StepVan- contender for number one overall with easy in/out/loading/ hauling capacity and decent mileage but extremely noisy and near impossible heat/cool.
Isuzu NPR- very nice and quiet, easy to maneuver in tight spots, however mileage sucks in gas or diesel, and deck height makes you work harder than necessary.
Currently using Ford Ranger with utility topper and top rack and occasionally 6x12 vee nose all aluminum enclosed trailer with ramp door.
Easy access to tools and fasteners but power and mileage sucks (14mpg). Easy to drive and park and great ac.
Will likely buy a f150 and utility topper later this year as it offers better power and mileage and stick with 6X12 trailer as it will carry all the cabinets I can install in one day.
My 8.5 x 24' Haulmark is for sale-just don't pull it enough and it sits for long periods.
Nissan NV and Ford Transit look promising if buying new(er), but I like the Ranger and utility topper best-just walk up and grab what you need without reaching or climbing.
Mitersaw with Bosch stand, Dewalt 745 tablesaw and stand, Makita compressor, two drill bags and two ladders store inside middle.
Getting older, easy access trumps everything else.

7/4/15       #6: Used uhaul trucks? ...
John Langley

Mike I Have had pick up truck and trailer it was OK at best I bought a box truck were gross vehicle weight around 12,000 pounds US Dot and started requiring all the Mickey Mouse stuff around here I have a friend that is a commercial truck salesman and he had a Ford box truck the gross vehicle weight is 9900 pounds I keep all my install tools and supplies in it and I can get a days work in it I think what I'm telling you is if you could avoid us dot.regulations, a pick up truck and a trailer they use the combine g v w

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7/5/15       #7: Used uhaul trucks? ...

I've had an F250, durable, gas sucker all the disadvantages of a pickup. Ranger, Easy to drive. better mileage, not enough room.
Trailer, easy to load, not enough room. Now rent a Penske when needed. You need to get setup with a commercial account, certificate of insurance etc. but no CDL needed for a 24', can get w/liftgate. We have loading docks so quicker to load than a pickup or trailer. Diesel, gets better mileage than some pickups! You still need to get DOT stuff, easy. Just need to keep their required records. If I needed a smaller local delivery truck I'd consider the tall Nisan NV or similar Ford. 10' x 54" between wheel wells, tall enough to stand in, nice mounting points, great access, good towing package. It seems like it would be easy to make a divider to keep heat/cool up front & remove of fold when not needed. Room for 20' of base & uppers plus install tools mounted to sides. Pretty sure it will be our next shop truck.

7/13/15       #8: Used uhaul trucks? ...
Bruce H

I have an Isuzu WP truck (smaller than the NPR) with a 14' box. The turning radius as fabulous, easy to get into most places. I have a dock for loading and a ramp for unloading. Bought it new and the dealer installed a Grumman box with ramp. At the time I paid less than the cost of a new pick-up. These trucks are marketed under Isuzu, Chevrolet and GMC. All the same with different labels. The cabs are made in Japan and the chassis is made in Dearborn, Michigan. I opted for a gas motor because most deliveries are short trip, came with a Chevrolet 350 Vortec engine. Tilt cab makes motor maintenance easy.

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