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The Death Of CabnetWare

Jim Diebolt Member


Planit has announced that they will no longer be selling Cabnetware. The last version they will have will be V-14 that will be going to beta testing soon. They will continue to support CW products until April 30, 2017.

This will be a huge benefit for all the service rep's with all the new sales they will make with Cabinet Vision.

What will other CabnetWare users here do now?

I will just stay with CW as I'm retired now and don't need the latest and greatest in CAD software. V-14 will work for me for many years to come.

4/27/16       #3: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
james mcgrew Member

Yes i read the obituary email as well,,

RIP ole friend, made me some money over the years with it.

I have had CV a few years now and still have not switched, time will tell but CW still got a lot of life in it

4/27/16       #4: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
David Waldmann  Member


"V-14 will work for me for many years to come."

As long as you are able to maintain a platform that will run it...


4/27/16       #5: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


I'm thinking that I may re open my CW4US CabnetWare Help Forum again.

4/27/16       #6: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
james mcgrew Member

Jim i should have participated more but i did lurk a lot !

4/27/16       #7: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Paul S

Cabnetware will live on....Im sure of it....maybe not thru VERO ....but some how it will.....too many users......and it works.

4/28/16       #8: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Stewart Member

Hi Jim,

I saw your post here and just wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks" for all the help through the forum. We used Cabnetware for a long time and on more than one occasion, you helped us through a snag. It is a great program and I know a lot of people are feeling pinched right about now - I think your idea to reopen your forum is terrific. It could make a huge difference for the shops who will not switch over...

4/28/16       #9: The Death Of CabnetWare ...

As I understand from a quick convo with my sales rep on the phone after I got the email, is that you can get Vision for $500 per seat, or pay the $500 for the next version of Cabnetware. I want to keep up with what is current, and what will be supported in the future. Hopefully Vision will not have some of the frustrations that Ware has, like what a pain in the butt angle wall/angle cabinets are to build.

4/29/16       #10: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


Thank you for all your interest in this.

If I do open the forum again it would be a paid subscription forum. The annual fee would be $350.00 +/-.

The forum would not open until April 2017 just before Planit closes their forum down and stops all their support on April 30, 2017.

If you are interested in joining the forum please send me an email with your comments and questions.

5/3/16       #11: The Death Of CabnetWare ...

shutting down cabnetware has been visions dream all along, I haven't updated since since v 10 and still run v9 most of the time. Imo the reason vision has pulled ahead so to speak is the amount of money they put into that system vs ware.

I had vision in the very beginning and never liked the way it was set up. They claim 96 % buy vision but I bet 100% complain about it.

5/4/16       #12: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt


For those CabnetWare users that plan on staying with CabnetWare I would urge you to update to the latest version before April 2017. If you want information of what's new in each version you can send me an email and I will send that to you. Just let me know what version you are using now.

The later versions of CabnetWare are very powerful and stable now. A lot of good features have been included lately.

5/12/16       #13: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


I have changed the yearly cost down to $240.00 which works out to a modest $20.00 per month. I would charge the total yearly fee once a year but at any time the member can quit the forum and receive their unused membership fee back.

Feel free to email me with your comments or questions.


6/20/16       #14: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Mike Eubanks

Very disappointed that cabnetware is going to die. Have used the program since 88. It has always met our needs.
I am hoping to retire in 4-6 years and not excited to have to learn a new program.
I have not purchased v14 yet. My biggest fear is having a problem with the software and no one to help. Are you offering that service? Also will my key work forever? Can it expire someday?

6/20/16       #16: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


V-14 is not been released yet, it is in beta still. It does have some great options and worth the update cost if you are going to stay with CW.

Your key will be set with no expiration date for the future.

If I open the forum it will be for tech help to all members.

Send me an email if you want to be notified if I open my forum again.

6/21/16       #17: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Mike Eubanks

Do you know what features v14 will have?

6/21/16       #18: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


Below is the link for what is new in the last version of Cabnetware. For those planning on keeping and using Cabnetware I would highly recommend updating to this version as you can see it has some nice options.

What's New In V-14

9/28/16       #20: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


The above post has a bad link now so here is a new link for "What's New In Version 14"

What's New In Version 14

9/28/16       #21: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
james mcgrew Member

Jim i have tried to renter forum but cannot remeber my user name please keep me informed. mcgrew 636 at msn dot com

9/28/16       #22: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


James, it is locked right now. If I open it again I will post here and let those that have emailed me about knowing also.

9/28/16       #23: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
james mcgrew Member

Thanks for the V 14 update i am sticking with it for a while.

11/23/16       #25: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


I am now in the process of having a new forum setup that will be hosted on a private server and will not have any advertising on it. I do not know how soon it will be up and running but it should be just after the first of the year.

I also have a very talented person that will partner with me on this adventure and he will bring much more to the forum than we had in the past.

For all you Cabnetware users that plan to stay with the program I urge you to upgrade to V-14 before it is too late. It is a very strong and stable program and will be a very viable asset to your business for many years to come.

As before you can contact me for more information at:

11/24/16       #26: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
James E Mcgrew Member


I am sticking with it. keep us informed

2/9/17       #28: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt Member


I am opening my old forum but it has been totally rebuilt from scratch. It is a standalone forum with no advertising with all new information pertaining to all Cabnetware programs.

Planit Vero will no longer support Cabnetware products as of April, 30 2017. They will no longer have their support forum or any other type of help available to the users going forward.

I had planned on opening the forum May 2017 but since I have it all built now I would like to offer you an early chance to join the forum. Beginning in May I will have a partner that will join me and can add many new benefits and support to all members. After he joins me I will be adding many more options for members. The forum will be monitored by me each day and in May my partner will be monitoring the forum also. Between the two of us and other members you will get answers to your questions in a timely matter just as you did on my old forum.

The membership will cost $240.00 per year payable through PayPal. If for any reason in the first 30-day period you donít want to remain for the full year membership just notify me in writing by email and I will return the 11 month balance of $220.00 back to your PayPal account. After the 30-day trial period no money will be refunded.

Please check out my new forum at

Please email me at

3/1/17       #30: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Bryon Schmidt

Why isn't there a cabnetware support page that we could help each other out on Facebook? Seems to me that Facebook would be a great platform. Or is there already one that I've missed?

3/1/17       #32: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Jim Diebolt


I looked for one also but found nothing. Why don't you start one and manage it for the CW users that don't want to pay for support. I did that back when Planit started their paid forum and had it up until I retired. If you do a free forum you will get a lot of members. when I closed mine we had 350 members.

3/1/17       #33: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
james e mcgrew Member


I Manage both forums and FB pages for CNC machines and software, I can tell you FB is cool but has no search for topics, Forums for Peer to peer support are still the way togo

5/1/18       #35: The Death Of CabnetWare ...
Michael Murphy Member

Cabnetware Lives On!

Many of you users of CW may remember me as the guy who called you back after you called Planit for answers to technical questions regarding the use of the program and how to make it behave the way you wanted.

I went to work for CW in 1998 and stayed until the end in 2017. I chose not to switch over to CV support when the chance was offered to me.

So after a year's hiatus, I am active again and available to offer help with the program.

Whether you need help with Parameters or CNC templates or moving your program and data to a new computer, to mention a few things, I can probably help.

I can't help with key codes or new keys or updating keys or anything like that (I don't have access to Planit data), but, If you have a working key and a version of CW, I can offer help on most things relating to the CW program(s).

You can contact me at:

Let me know if I can help.

Michael Murphy
Former Cabnetware Support Technician

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