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Best cad/Cad program suitable for custom-made furnishings

Adam Sahlin Member


Hello.The question has probably been asked here before but is still testing My name is adam and I'm from Sweden. (The neutral country far to the north with blonde women and polar bears on the roads... To my mission.. I work with woodworking as furniture and interior carpenter at a small family business in Stockholm. I found this forum when I googled for CAM / CAD programs that are suitable for a production with different projects. everything that can be made from wood ... This is certainly nothing new for you. I did not find anything interesting on google, so I test here. I am looking for a CAD and CAM program that you can make manufacturing drawings with and with the same program send ready-made programs calculated from the CAD drawing to the CNC machine. We have recently invested in a 5-axle Biesse Rover A. With Biesses CAM software,

B-solid software is a very good and user-friendly program even for the most advanced machining. But we feel that we need a good CAD&CAM software to speed up production as we also have a constant production of custom-made bathroom furniture. So checked out the B-Cabitnet that belongs to the Biesse family. That program fits well with the recurring bathroom furniture but does not include a wider production.

So my question to you is, Which CAD / CAM program is best suited for a wide small production but with a recurring bathroom cabinet production and that you can use the program for drawing and show customers what the project looks like in realistic 3d. which is compatible with the post processor for the Biesse machine
B-Cabinet also has the blum catalog included (European fitting manufacturer) Which is a big plus! Thanks for asking my little question :)

Expectant greetings from Sweden

9/18/20       #2: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...

I use 5 axis Alphacam ultimate for our CAM work, and Megacad for our shop drawings

9/18/20       #3: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Adam Sahlin  Member

Thanks for your reply. I have also worked with Ahlphacam for a while. I have to say that it is a fantastic program. Especially the simple tools for solid machining. MegaCad looks good. It's for metalworking only?

9/19/20       #4: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...

I use megacad to primarily make cads for woodturning programs, also it's easier to set geometries for alphacam to appltmachining to. I have also used to to create solid models for inclining tangent handrail. Great program for woodwork machining models and 2d

9/19/20       #5: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Mark B Member

Are you exporting to your own machine? Whats your projected software budget? If your exporting to others machines the CAM may be a pointless investment given most would never let anyone supply machine code for their machine. You can supply CAD that we take from there but thats about it.

Do you need more than 3 axis? etc?

9/19/20       #6: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Mark B Member

EDIT.. sorry missed the Biesse 5-axle

9/23/20       #7: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Peter Matos

Wait.... you REALLY have Polar Bears on the roads near you?? WOAH!

As far as 3D CAD CAM we are using Fusion360 and running three different CNC machines without issue. We make all sorts of parts both metal and wood with lots of 3D contouring and complexity. So far pretty pleased with it and for the price it is hard to beat anywhere... Good luck man. And Oh please send some of those Blondes down to Florida for us down here if you get a chance ;)


9/23/20       #8: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Valerie Piro  Member


Hi Adam, have you checked out Cabinet Pro Software? Cabinet Pro is a software for both the small cabinet shop and the large manufacturer of cabinets, entertainment centers, doors, desks, closets, and more. Produces detailed shop & finished drawings, floor plans, elevations, 3D perspectives, unlimited user-defined cultists, material reports, door reports, bidding, financial charts and reports, panel optimization, Inventory Control, CSV Export/Import Module, and direct CNC machining code. Because Cabinet ProŽ CNC Software produces the g-code directly from the panel optimized parts, there is no need for additional CAD/CAM software. Cabinet ProŽ CNC works well with Biesse.

Cabinet Pro

9/24/20       #9: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Rufus Cooke  Member


Hi Adam,
the old saying "ask 5 different cabinetmakers haw to do something and you'll get 5 different answers" certainly seems applicable here. I'm an american furnituremaker who has settled in the UK. Here we have so many trained furnituremakers from Europe from very disciplined backgrounds which I personally have found very humbling. Over here, many shops have or are migrating to SolidWorks (or Inventor) because of it's versatility from furniture to stairs.
I started using it in 2001 for complex geometries (mostly elliptical and curved stairs), but as time has passed I've also found it to be very good at simpler work as well, but this requires developing a library of basic parametric components which I then customise as I need to suit the final design (I've attached a link below to a simplified example of a parts template which I generated in a morning for a stone stair fabricator).
I have stair, door, cabinet and cabinet components set up as templates which I drop into a project. I also have libraries of smart hardware components, so when I fix them to the parts, they perform the drilling/mortises as needed.

This was essentially done to mimic an off-the-shelf SolidWorks based product called SWOOD which impressed me but I couldn't afford. It might be worth a look however.
In the end, I have an assembly of parts which matches the actual project, which means data for every aspect which I require and to optimise the parts list, after that I output separate optimiser.
The time required to output a project is about 25% longer than 2D AutoCAD, BUT the data is very useful and the parts list is an excellent verification tool before proceeding to the next step. Another thing worth considering, if you use Woodwop, there is a very good link to SolidWorks called OngaaCam. It isn't really CAM, but it's a bi-directional (yes, really bi-directional), so you can edit the parts in WoodWop and it writes back to the SolidWorks model or vice-versa. I haven't used it (yet), but had it demonstrated for a few hours on my own projects and it was quite impressive.
That's about all I can impart, but good luck with your search.

10/16/20       #10: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
Dennis  Member


If I were you I would look at Inventor with Woodwork for Inventor add on. Take a look at Widom Associates website and watch some of his work. Steve Widom is the guy to speak with. Very knowledgeable person.

12/8/20       #11: Best cad/Cad program suitable for c ...
That Guy I Member

MICROVLLUM! hands-down industry standard. I've used them all, Cabinet vision, patterns system , 2020 and none compare to the power behind Microvellum. Initial setup like any software comes with a learning curve but once you have it dialed in it is really powerful on what you could create with it. You could create parametric furniture pieces that change according to your dimensions. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly. I have a really high-end shop and do full house builds to custom furniture , beds, murphy beds, tables, etc.. and everything goes through Microvellum.

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