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Subject: Re: SS countertop software / Andi Stratos


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Message Thread:

SS countertop software / Andi Stratos


I am looking for a simple software package to generate SS ( Krion ) counter top cut files that will allow me to V-carve the 90 degree joints and then through cut the perimiter and sink cutouts.

I am going to miter fold the edges to create the drop edge.

I am using an Anderson Stratos SUP with Fanuc machine controls. ( 2007 machine )

So looking for software that has a post processor available for my machine.

I was thinking V carve pro would be an easy package to achieve this but not sure if that would be the best one or if they have the post processor for my machine.

Anyone have any experience with this ?
Suggestions on a Software that would do this well ?

Thank you.

1/22/20       #2: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...
jerry Member

Just download the Vcarve demo and see if it will work with your machine.

1/23/20       #3: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...

I am just wondering if there is a better option that doesn't cost a ton. I don't mind paying for a good software package. Mainly I am curious as to what software others are using to cut SS and miter fold it.

1/23/20       #4: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...
Dropout Member

Doesn't get much cheaper than that...

Do you need to lay out the files as well as create G code?

Fee cad programs all over the internet.

Maybe look for a sheetmetal design program?

If you go cheap you'll need to improve your post editing skills.

1/23/20       #5: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...

I know that V-carve is as cheap as they come for the features. I was actually looking to see if there was a package in the 2500 range that maybe had more features.

I think that V carve is priced quite fairly.

1/24/20       #6: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...
Pat Gilbert

I have heard that counter tops are more complicated than you would think.

I wonder if a parametric program is what you need the CAM part would be in addition to the parametric program

1/25/20       #7: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...
Karl E Brogger  Member


I would think parametric would be a handy ability to have. You could setup variables for everything and not have to start from scratch every single time.

1/25/20       #8: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...
Pat Gilbert

Keytrix is parametric or Microvellum,

Solidworks or Inventor if the first two would be killing a cockroach with a 45

You might even be able to make something that works on Sketchup

Or talk to Cadcode

1/26/20       #9: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...

We run cabinetvision on two separate cnc’s We run casework on either router, pb square edge tops and corian or other acrylic materials.

Alphacam might be a good choice also.

McGrew I think uses VCarve.

I had CabinetVision before I bought the routers. Liked the idea of screen to machine generating the code all from one company.

Tops can have a little bit of a learning curve, but it’s not too bad

1/26/20       #10: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...

Thanks all for your replied,

I have a project that has 46 units of 6 different types, so there will be good repeatability once I draw each unit.

I want to be able to take laser scan dxf files and generate the counter top cut files in the future.

I used to make my ss counter tops with a table saw widebelt and tons of clamps so the main idea here is to streamline the process and gain efficiency. It's the whole reason I bought the router, Being able to make cabs and arches , etc.. is a great bonus , but I will be looking to do solid surface ad efficiently as possible mainly.

Surely the top shops that do exclusively counters have a go to program.

I'm not as concerned about the cost as I am about efficiency as we have a very strong economy here and the work is plentiful with very few shops doing SS well here.

1/27/20       #11: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...

Call Ross Goble at DES in North Carolina.

My competition that uses auto cad, alpha cam does fine.

I only know what I know works, as I use it day in and out.

There is a lot of misinformation out there so get a system in place that works for you. We still use tons of clamps and da’s. We use a belt sander to level out grossly misaligned work, but the point is not to go there in the first place

I would say your biggest conquest is the cutter and there are a lot of suppliers that can help.

We reintroduce tops into the machine after glue up and that is a game changer to say the least. A hydraulic chuck keeps the cutter true enough to avoid a wobly descent destroying your edge.

If I were to do it all over again, I would have hired a consultant and cut the learning curve.

We just started digital templates and that is going well.

Just remember cutting is one aspect.

In our approach to cut saw time, and loose parts being thrown, i onion skin the edge and route it apart with a bevel trim bit in a hand router. We cut it face up. The “Corian canyons” are rarely flat on the back as much as the face, so this strategy has to change when it comes to how we approach it

1/27/20       #12: SS countertop software / Andi Strat ...

Thanks cabinetmaker,
That helps, I used the widebelt to flatten the table saw ripped edges to a consistent finish and size and to remove saw kerfs, usually gang sanding 6-10 at a time.

I welded 12' x 4' steel tables up and mounted 1" melamine to the top for glue ups so the glue ups are coming out really nice.

Because you cut face up I assume you are not mitre folding the drop edge.

Good point on the hydraulic tool holders, I don't think heat shrink will be realistic for me right now so I will go that route.

Also considering getting a one piece 90.5 v cutter with inserts for the folded drop edges.

If it doesn't work I will just have to glue up traditional style I guess.


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