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Cabinet Pro software?

Mike Fuson

Iíve been using kcd for about the last 10 years (non cnc version) and am looking at getting a cnc later this year. The upgrade to cnc for kcd is 12k, but Iíve been looking Cabinet pro and it looks powerful for half $. Iíd like to know if there are any here that use it or know anything about it, pros and cons. Also are there any others that I should be looking at? Iím assuming Cabinet vision has a price tag about like kcd? As a rule of thumb if theyíre to afraid to price it on their website then itís high. Iíve looked at some of the cheaper priced softwares also like CabWriter and CabinetPlanner, but in my experience you get what you pay for so Iím a little leary. Thanks for any input.

2/22/18       #2: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Robb Parker  Member


We use Mozaik. Been feeling like a salesman lately, been asked what we use several times lately. Monthly Subscription based, design to machine. Been real happy with them, used almost 2 years now.

2/22/18       #3: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Mike Fuson

I would look at Mozaic if it wasnít a rental. After renting for roughly 3 1/2 years I couldíve bought something like Cabinet pro and wouldnít have a monthly payment. Of course I understand that the software more than pays for itself, I just donít like recurring overhead.

2/23/18       #4: Cabinet Pro software? ...
james e mcgrew

Mike for some years we used Cabnetware to draw plans and use a box entry program like cabinet parts pro, this can be a good wedge between having to make and being prepared to make a long term decision about soft ware,, Moziak can be used the same way

2/23/18       #5: Cabinet Pro software? ...

I have been using Cabinet Pro for 15+ years and it has served me very well. I set up with CNC about 9 years ago. I cannot tell you how it compares to other programs since this is the only one I have used. Even though you own the program there is a yearly update fee. If you plan on using the program long term they have a one time fee for lifetime updates instead of the yearly fee which was well worth it for me. The program is very powerful and versatile. One thing I like about dealing with this company is that when you have a problem you can talk directly to the creator of the program. They are always looking for ways to make the program more comprehensive and user friendly. Once you have it set up it works seamlessly going from plans directly to CNC code.

2/23/18       #6: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Mike Wright Member

I've been using Cabinet Pro for 15+ years, to say it's one of the best would be an understatement. The software is in a constant state of upgrade with huge improvement every year. To name just one of the improvements, latest upgrade is an improved nesting system that logs and saves the drop offs and automatically uses them the next time you use that material, awesome $'s saved by eliminating most of the waste. As with any software of this type it takes a little time to tune it in to fit your building style but after that it's so fast and easy to use. Just lay out your cabinets and the system does the rest direct to your CNC. I would recommend this software to anyone for CNC cutting of cabinet parts.

2/23/18       #7: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Mike Fuson

I appreciate the responses. It was just what I was looking for.

2/24/18       #8: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Rob K Mishler Member


We have been using the Cabinet Pro CNC software for several years now - we do commercial frameless laminate cabinets - and have found that it suits our needs quite well. They have just updated their optimizer, making the program even better. I don't really know anything about the other software programs mentioned, so I can't speak to them...

2/24/18       #9: Cabinet Pro software? ...


cabinet pro software is really spot on,,,1000% better the its competitors,,,i can vouch for the service,,and the fact you will actually cut cabinets,,,,one of the few companies that dont run you around

2/24/18       #10: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Tom Schipper  Member


I have also been using Cabinet Pro for 17+ years and have been very satisfied with the program. As with most I started out with the base program and then upgraded to the CNC version when I purchased my Shop Sabre CNC. Once set-up, the program has worked extremely well for me. I would strongly recommend this software.

2/27/18       #11: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Philip Ashcraft Member

I have been using Cabinet Pro since 2004. When I started out, all I was looking for was a program that would do drawings and print out my cut list. In 2006 I upgraded and started using a CNC. Purchased a CNT 1000. At that time I also upgraded to the CNC version of Cabinet Pro. There was a learning curve and it did take some time to get things set up the way I wanted them to go. However, I have been very happy with my purchase of Cabinet Pro. It has made it possible for me to sit down with a customer, design the job in there home and a few clicks latter have the job on the CNC and cutting. I wish that I had payed for the life time updates when I first started. I have continued to pay for the upgrades each year. The program is far different then it was when I first started. One of the time savers that was added a few years ago was the introduction of smart rules. I am a custom cabinet shop and with that comes the constant need to build a cabinet that is always a little different. Thank you to pintrest. Smart rules has made it possible for me to design a new cabinet and the the use of universal rules have the program automatically adjust where a divider is placed. Or a Fixed shelf is notched in. In addition I build what ever the customer wants. With that being said I have cabinet pro set up with 4 different building styles. Euro, face frame, Closet, and "Special" for the really off the wall stuff I want to have saved.. Frank has been very easy to work with over the years and has even implemented some of my needs into the program. The program is always being improved and most of the improvements come form customers giving feedback. With that comes some moments of something not going right, but he has always been very quick to make a software change if needed to fix a "glitch". I love the fact that the support person is the programmer. Your not dealing with multiple different divisions that have no idea how the other works. The few times I have needed support my issues have generally been handled the same day.
The most recent addition has been the advancement of how the optimizer works. With the new rework it saves me about 9% on material. The average job that use to take 20 sheets of white now takes 18-19. A resent job that was scheduled to take 60 sheets was reduced to 56. At $72 a sheet that was a nice reduction in cost. Money in my pocket. And less material on the burn pile.
I currently cut parts for other cabinet shops. I use the estimator in the program to know how much edge-banding is needed and to bill for. It has a cost estimator built in that is nice. It is able to be customized and allow you to generate an estimate in many different ways. It will figure out what material you are using and add up the cost that way. It will bid by liner feet of cabinets. It will add in cost for accessories. It is really useful and very versatile to set up and bid the way you want it to. And far more accurate then the old way of just saying cabinets are $140 a liner foot or so. Every year the program gets a little more advanced. Over all I have been very happy with Cabinet Pro and would purchase it again if I was starting over.
Have a great day.

2/27/18       #12: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Steve Ferguson

I have been using Cabinet Pro for around 16 years. For my shop the flexibility of the program is what sold me. When I bought it, I built custom face frame cabinets. The purchase of a cnc router a few years later led me to move into frameless cabinetry as well. This program has been a great asset to our production over the years. The customer support is also excellent.

2/28/18       #13: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Mike Fuson

Thanks again for all the info. Iíve got another question. I donít have WiFi at my shop or office, I do all of my designing in the office which is a hundred feet away in a different building. If I kept doing the designing in the office how do you get that info to the router in the next building, flash drive? I also thought about doing the designing on my home lap top and then I could work from the office or home then take the laptop to the router, then I would assume they make some sort of cord that would go from the laptop to the router? These probably seem like such elementary questions, but I donít know a lot about the cnc world as of yet. Researching and learning for the last couple months...

3/1/18       #15: Cabinet Pro software? ...
Frank D. Jimenez  Member


Hi Mike,

There are a few ways in which processed CNC code can be taken from Cabinet Pro to the router itself:

1. Directly via your Network
2. via Email
3. via Jump Drive (flash drive)

In your case Mike, I would suggest the 3rd method, to which you already alluded. It's a very simple process: the CNC files are copied to your jump drive from their folder within Cabinet Pro, and then copied from the jump drive to your router's computer.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any further questions Mike.

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