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Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BHX055

Noel D Member

I was wondering if anyone has used Mozaic- CNC-complete to create and send gcode directly to a Weeke BHX055 drilling & cnc centre ? I am completely new to CNC machining and will not be installing the BHX055 until January 2019, but was wondering if I should get Mozaik and start producing a catalogue of parts ready to go when the machine is installed.
I was looking at Cabinet Vision to do this with the CV s2m add-on but it is very expensive.
Should I go with Mozaik or go down the more expensive route with CV ?
We do not currently have either Mozaik or CV.
We are only running 2 in-framed kitchens per week, and cabinet carcases are cut on a panel saw.
Any advice is welcome, thanks.

11/17/18       #2: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Robb Parker  Member


We run a Homag BOF211. We subscribed to Mozaik prior to installation. Got somewhat used to it prior to installation. Mozaik then wrote the post and provided tech support upon installation. This was about 2 years ago, we could not be happier. Best software model and support in our opinion. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

11/17/18       #3: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Noel D Member

Hi Robb, thanks for the reply.
Thats good to know. I assume your machine and the BHX both run on Woodwop.
We have never used any CNC machinery before but reading through the forums I take it that the 'post processing' is where the translation happens so the Homag can understand the programme . Is this correct ? Our initial reason for the software was to produce cut lists, sheet material optimisation & shop drawings, but the ability to send programmes direct to the homag machine is a bonus.
Have you ever used CV in the past and if so would you recommend Mozaik over this ?

11/18/18       #4: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Robb Parker  Member


Yes, our Homag BOF uses Woodwop. We started with the design subscription of Mozaik. We got familiar with that while waiting on our machine.

Once installed, we added CNC to our subscription. Mozaik wrote the post processor to enable screen to machine capabilities. Yes, the design is automatically converted to g-code that woodwop can understand.

I do not have an extensive time working with CV. I understand it to be powerful. But the cost and update fees are too rich for me. All updates in Mozaik are free. I feel like I have all the capabilities of CV at a much lower initial cost as well as operating cost.

11/18/18       #5: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Noel Member

Hi Robb
Thanks for that.

I have just subscribed to Mozaik for a 3 month trial, so hopefully I will be up to speed with the software before my new machine arrives.


11/19/18       #6: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Stephen Williams  Member


Do yourself a big favor and book some training. Do it in advance as there could be a delay.

11/19/18       #7: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...

Perhaps a silly question, by why add the expense of an additional programming language and post processor when it comes with WoodWOP?

11/19/18       #8: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Robb Parker  Member


Agree with Stephan, money spent on training is money well spent. I think you get a couple of hours free with start up.

Steve, Mozaik is plug and play. Design from library and screen to machine with a couple clicks. Although woodwop can, very difficult to design cabinets from and use. At least for us. Mozaik writes the post for your machine free. Integration was seemless.

11/20/18       #9: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Karl E Brogger  Member


I just went through this.

I'm in the process of getting our Weeke Omptimat 480 setup.

I had an extremely negative experience with CabinetVision. To the point that I will use every opportunity to convey my discontent and encourage others to avoid them as well. If you wish to talk to me about it send me a PM or call me.

I bought a 3 month trial of Mozaik a couple of years ago to try out. I was not impressed. It felt clunky, and just not intuitive to use. I did not make use of the free training that came with it, so I did not give it a fair shake. I also really hated that it did all of the rendering in Sketchup. It no longer has to do that, which I like.
I knew that next year I was planning on getting a router for the shop, so a few months ago I downloaded it again to try it out. Once again, I did not make use of the training, but I did play with it a bunch more. A couple months into the three month rental I bought a used cnc. I also bought a key for CV at the same auction. After my experience with Vero and purchasing that key, I decided to go with Mozaik. Now that I've got some training under my belt, (about 4 hours worth), I'm getting more comfortable with it and getting things dialed in with my parameters and I'm getting more proficient at writing formulas for the odd ball way that I like to build things. It's far from second nature, but I'm getting there.

Mozaik wrote a post for my router, though it has been untested yet. I kinda fell through the cracks with regards to getting a tech from Stiles to come out and do initial startup on my machine. I take a fair amount of blame on that as well because I didn't follow up. I hate being the guy that bugs others, but at the same time, patience isn't always a virtue. Either way it's not a big deal.
I have complete confidence that Mozaik will make it right if it isn't in regards to the post. They've been super responsive, very helpful, they have a ton of resources to help yourself, and the training has been fruitful. Plus, I think they have an excellent business model. I don't feel raped. The CNC Complete Version from Mozaik costs less than my maintenance fee would be with Vero.

CV is pretty powerful, I know from talking to others that it has it's limitations just like anything. The interface is pretty nice too. But their way of doing business does not jive with me. It works well for a great number of people. It is a bonkers expensive setup though.

One of the things that really encouraged me to go with Mozaik is that you don't read anything negative. I believe these boards give a pretty fair assessment of things. Mozaik always gets a positive review. I don't feel that's as true with CabinetVision.

Good luck. It's a tough decision and one you will have to live with for a long time.

11/22/18       #10: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Noel D Member

Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have been 'playing' with Mozaik over the last few days and have booked some training which wont happen until later next week. I have watched a ton of videos from their library which they give you access to, but I am struggling to draw the cabinets and the additional parts I require the way I want to. Hopefully the training will help.

I have paid a deposit for the CV software and did their 3 day training course but it is a VERY old fashioned and complicated interface,and not as flexible as I was led to believe by the sales person.
After the 3 day training I was completely un-impressed. That is what forced me to search for an alternative ,and I stumbled accross Mozaik.
The CV package I had selected was 11k (no ultimate and no S2M, that adds on another 7k !) and I have paid a 30% deposit . I am considering cancelling CV completely and waving goodbye to my deposit before I get in too deep and they come to install it.
What do you guys think ?
Has anyone added extra parts to their designs in Mozaik ? Can these be created in sketchup and imported or drawn in CAD and import a DXF file ? Would love to know if anyone has done this successfully.

11/23/18       #11: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Stephen Williams  Member



I am with Karl on this one. I had been using CV for 8 years.

Yes you can draw parts in cad and import them as parts, if you draw a cut out then you will have to add a depth for that toolpath but its pretty easy.

In terms of drawings its like CV, I prefer to export to cad and detail there. I have a layered DWT file with layer states set up so i can dimension, breakout doors and drawer box dims for my customers.

Happy to talk to you


Click the link below to download the file included with this post.


11/23/18       #12: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...
Noel Member

Thank you all for your replies and helpful info.

I have PM'd you with my questions re the Mozaik software system.

Seems unanimous that it can replace the CV system, but would like a bit more feedback from Mozaik customer care/help.

Will keep you posted when they get back.

12/18/18       #14: Mozaik CNC compatible with Weeke BH ...

Mozaik is a very good program. I used cabnetware since 2000 but they finally got bought out and went out of business. I still have my keys and the program and it works but if something went wrong there is no support what so ever. I went with mozaik and it is what they claim it to be a very good cabinet program. It works very well with my cnc and there was no problem with the post processor. I cut all my mdf doors without a hitch. There is a learning curve but not to bad and I was able to adapt it pretty well to "my" way of building cabinets. The software is pretty flexible and can be tweeked to really almost any sort of construction method. The key is to know what is done better and quicker on the cnc and what is not. To make off the wall parts and such you will need another software program. i am using vcarve pro 9.0 and it is also a very good program. I am confident that I can make any part I need between these two programs. V carve pro is about $900 and moziak is $150 per month with the shop software as well. The thing about software is not only the start up cost but really is the time it will take to get to understand the software and get it to do what you want it to do. You will eventually have so much time wrapped up in it that you won't ever consider changing. You as the shop owner need to invest YOUR time in this , because there is nothing worse than training someone and then they take there skills somewhere else and you are left figuring it out anyway. My first cnc software package was just over $21,000 and when you put that on top of the machinery you really have quite an investment. Making a $21,000 mistake can really hurt a small business!

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