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CNC spindle wonít close the chuck and grab the tool

Alex Member


Looking for some advice on the matter.
I have a Multicam MT510. Beast of a machine, been restoring it to a functional state. Just after my first cut. This started to happen.

The chuck gets stuck in open. Tool changer brings the holder it does the moves but since the chuck never closes the tool just falls.

So I started with cleaning the selenoids, still kept going. Then I switch the selenoid no another same problem. I traced down the wires for the spindle and made sure they were all properly connected.
If I restart the machine I get maybe one good tool change and then it starts. So itís intermittent.

Things I am considering the power supply for the 24vdc to the selenoid might get stuck stuck?

Iím not certain if the spindle has an internal sensor that tell the controller that the chuck is closed as that what the display shows, even tho thatís not the case. So maybe that sensor is broken.

The controller is broken and sends weird signals, this would be catastrophic as a replacement is about twice what I payed for the machine.

Any ideas would amazing.

11/22/22       #3: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...
JKL Machinery  Member


Hire a Multicam technician

11/22/22       #4: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...

Not sure what brand of spindle you have, but they have sensors that tell the control if a tool has loaded and in correct position. Last time I changed a cartridge, I either had to adjust mine or replace them. Can't recall. You should probably call for help on this one. Perhaps someone can help you troubleshoot the issue.

11/22/22       #5: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...
Alex Member


JKL thank you, I considered it. But Iím in Miami Florida. They charge $150 an hour plus flight, plus hotel. As you can imagine that is my last last resort. And since the machine is old, they canít even assure me that they know how to fix it, still have to pay tho.

Mike, awesome good to know there is a sensor. The spindle is a EUROSPINDLE 10 HP air cooled. Iím going to try tech support, but there is not much they have on this 20 year old machine. A big part of why I got it for so cheap is precisely that, multicam offer very limited support. Donít get me wrong theyíve done everything they can, sent the manual and helped me with what info they have. But itís just outdated tech and itís hard for them to know.

Thank Iíll keep trying and keep you guys posted if I find a solution.

11/22/22       #6: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...
Dropout Member

Do you have a wiring diagram? Make sure you understand the logic of what has to happen. You should be able to force it step by step to see where it fails. It may not be where you think.

The obvious thing to check is the sensor that says the clamp is engaged. These usually have lights on them. Film it and then replay the video super slow. We have found intermittent issues that way - the sensor flickering so fast you can't notice.

The second thing is to make sure that the clamp and tool holders are lubricated and that everything is lined up properly.

More likely the solenoid than the 24VDC power supply. Could also be air bleeding across the clamp cylinder.

Post a video.

11/22/22       #7: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...
Mack M

BT taper or HSK? HSK a good chance it is dirty. This will keep the draw bar from returning to its correct position on the sensors.

BT cone should be clean and rust free, galling near the opening is common due to the RPMs in wood. pull stud wear is also a consideration.

Do not modify position of sensors to get it to run, they are factory set for a reason.

you could send the spindle to a reputable rebuild company also with a few of your tool holders for inspection.

11/22/22       #8: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...
BH Davis  Member


My old HSD spindles had a manual release button right on the spindle. Does the Eurospindle have this? If so then see if working the button can give you any clues to the problem.

BH Davis

11/22/22       #9: CNC spindle wonít close the chuck a ...
Alex Member

I managed to fix it!
I took @dropout advice and started to follow the logic. Went from the selenoid backwards confirming continuity in all the connections, my machine is quite complex and has several components interlinked. 2 tool manual releases. Checked it all, by isolating and disconnecting each component. Took hours and of course, when I reach the controller, the last possible option and I realized there are logic switch/relays for the selenoids mounted on the board. Switched it with the mist selenoid switch and the mist turned on by itself and got stuck in open. Problem solved.
Switched the selenoid to be able to run the machine, and ordered a replacement.
Again, thank you all. Really impressed by the amount of support and the speed at witch it came. You guys literally saved me thousands by not having to call in a Multicam tech.
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