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Z Member

Howdy woodweb!

We have 2024 CR Onsrud cnc router we purchased fall of last year and our most recent problem is the Fanuc pendant controller.

The controller will randomly freeze and lock up. It normally happens while the machine is in operation? But has happened when sitting idle as well. When it occurs the router will stop moving but the spindle will keep spinning until we do a hard power cycle.

We get a screen that pops up on the controller. However, the only way to get out of the popup window is to shut down the machine since the screen is frozen and we loose all functionality from the handpad. Once the spindle stops spinning, we turn the machine back on.

Most of the time it only takes 1 restart to clear the screen. But on a few occasions we will need to restart the machine a couple times for the screen on the handpad to load properly and function.

CR Onsrud does not cover ethernet wiring under their "2 year full warranty". But since we have had more problems with their machinery than I like to admit. They sent us the cables as a goodwill. But without a warranty the disassembly, removal, and reinstallation of the wiring throughout the cnc was on us. After the service was complete it worked for a week+ and then it just happened again.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening which makes diagnosing that much more difficult.

I have attached some photos for reference.

Anyways, if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

View higher quality, full size image (4032 X 3024)

View higher quality, full size image (4032 X 3024)

View higher quality, full size image (4032 X 3024)

7/6/24       #3: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...
Jim Anderson

In my experience, randomly occurring issues like this are electrical connections or bad wires 99% of the time. I would power it down and go through the connections at the pendant and the control cabinet. I would also make sure there are no loose connections on the incoming power. if you are dropping a leg momentarily, it could shut the controller down for a quick second locking everything up.

7/6/24       #4: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...

Makes sense. And I think youíre probably right that itís an electrical component defect/connectivity

In the first month after receiving the router from CR Onsrud we were getting ďsv spindle alarmsĒ which, according to CR Onsrud was caused by the spindle (customer failure). We were told that we needed to send the spindle in for evaluation at HSD. A new spindle was purchased and installed and the problems went away. HSD did the evaluation and the original spindle was perfectly within specifications.

CR Onsrud couldnít ever provide an answer as to why I was having these svalams. But Iím suspecting that there was bad electrical connections from the original assembly which was resolved when the spindle was removed and a new one installed.

Iím suspecting a similar situation here. But I suppose I need to pay for a tech to come and run through the machine and all its connections. Ugh.

7/6/24       #5: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...
Dropout Member

I've found Fanuc tech to be very helpful.

There is also a Fanuc Facebook group that has some very knowledgeable people participating.

7/6/24       #6: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...
Z Member

Hey thatís a great call Dropout.

CR Onsrud is fanuc trained but might be a good idea to see what Fanuc say I believe I have a premium warranty with them as well.

CRO service team is REALLY talented. I donít blame them, theyíre the ones expected to pickup the rest of the slack. Tough job. No love.

7/7/24       #7: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...

You have a wire that is not connected properly. When you installed the new ethernet cable you probably jostled the wire enough to temporarily make good contact. Onsrud needs to send a tech out to remedy this. if these American companies aren't going to stand by their products we might as well buy Chinese for half the price.

7/8/24       #8: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...
Jim Anderson

I agree with you Cris, the cost of an unsatisfied customer to any manufacturer is exponentially greater than the cost of a tech visit. This industry is based upon reputation and relationships. When a customer is upset and publicly voices their opinion, it is heard by all within range and can cost the manufacturer new sales while taking a hit on their reputation. Having worked for OEMs in both a technical and sales roles, I have personally seen the damage an upset customer can do. The reality is though that it is not always the manufacturers fault. There is a little thing called user error, where an operator makes a mistake and blames the machine so as not to lose his job. I am not saying that is the situation here by any means. It is in the manufacturers best interest to send a tech out with the understanding that if there is PROOF of "user error" the customer will pay for the service.

7/8/24       #9: FANUC PENDANT 0I-PLUS [2024 CR ONSR ...
Z Member

Chris and Jim
totally agree with the loose connection. I was having the same disconnect errors prior to switching the ethernet cables. My guess is that the cables were not the reason for the errors....??

I also agree that there are operator errors. No one is perfect and people make mistakes. With that being said a communication error is a tough one for an operator to create. Especially when it happens during a confirmed program and the machine gets these errors in the middle of a process that is running without the operator controlling. I have to pay for a tech visit. I wish CRO would do something like you mentioned, where the customer pays if it is their fault the damage has occurred.

We have owned cnc routers and I have spent the better half of the last decade chasing aging components on these machines without the proper support. The reason I purchased a new router was to not have to constantly be faced with broken down/ mystery problems. So needless to say im beyond frustrated.

Thanks again for your input guys.

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